Farming transmog gear.. Pvp gear Ret or Prot?

Just curious if farming for transmog gear from pre 90 raids would be easier as Prot or ret? Will have full malev pvp gear only incl 1h/shield. Just wondering which will provide better survivability for farming solo.
Well I found ret to work pretty well for most content. I mean your never going to be soloing like a Dk but it gets most things done.
I've farmed pretty much all the old raids in this gear, which is casual stuff. Only bosses that come to mind that I roll prot for are #2 in Sunwell, Razorgore annnnd...think that's it. I've done the first three in Uld 10, cleared naxx 10 all as ret (including patch, as an alch my rejuv pots are awesome, patch died with me at 15pct). Havent messed with ICC much as all that gear is ugly to me.

Want to know what will kill you solo no matter your spec? Kara Chess......TOTAL rng there and a major pain with cheats.
Both. Certain fights favor Ret while others favor Prot. You're going to need a prot spec and decent gear for ICC.
Appreciate the replies thank you :). Definitely not trying to be like a dk just want to be able to obtain a few pieces for transmog.

With regards to Prot.. It would be in my ret gear as I have no Prot gear. Would I be better off just going ret? Or will spec cling Prot still give me survivability and good dps?

Up till now I have the honor gear as holy and I've been able to do a few items but got stomped at the 2nd phase in ulduar by the guardian guy with 2 arms. Besides that would I be able to solo 10 man dragon soul (only general) .. Or anything in firelands?
As long as you avoid crit (or at least reforge out of it) your ret gear will be perfectly fine for prot, especially since you've mentioned you have the one-handed sword and shield already.
I tried dragon soul 10 man today.. Not sure if it was even possible and I got pwnt by the first big mob I Prot spec. Epic fail ill stick to frozen throne :(
As you get higher in level, Prot becomes better at soloing PvE content due to it's personal survivability and the added scaling of vengeance. There are some exceptions to this, but for the most part prot is the better spec for old content.

As for specifics, I've soloed through Black Temple as ret in dreadful without much trouble. Can't vouch for much else.
Ok bt is from bc though am I aiming too high as a nub Prot (only played it at 85 when it was useable in arena for that short time) trying to solo 10 man dragon soul? I don't play the game nearly enough to always look for groups or others I just log on at random times to try and get transmog gear and prefer solo..
I only had to go Prot for Onyxia 25m, but seriously you don't want to solo Onyxia 25m as Prot.
On my pally i find ret is perfectly fine soloing anything from bc, the vast majority of wotlk, and the cata 5mans on normal. Anything else i switch to prot for.

I run old content for mounts mainly. I have had almost no problems doing it as ret. If i do a quick switch to prot tends to solve the problem.

I say try doing stuff as ret first. If you run into trouble switch to prot for that boss. While prot has better survival, ret kills things a lot faster. So try to do runs as ret as much as possible to save time.

Also, dragon soul and firelands are not solo'able by a pally now. I tried them a few months ago and got creamed by trash packs. Even as prot. I had to grab 2 friends to run those raids.

This was in my ilvl 489ish ret set and my 471ish prot set.
Everything before WotLK content is easily solo-able by Ret. Hell, I can solo most BC content as Holy, excluding the first boss in BT.
Like some others have said, it depends on the fight. I personally run a ton of old content solo for xmog and just to see if I can; if you list some of the other raids you're having trouble with, maybe I can suggest which spec might be easier. Keep in mind, also, that some talents and glyphs really help out for certain bosses.

As for DS and FL, you'll likely need a few friends to go through those.

Also, @Panzers, Onyxia 25m as prot is super fun! Run around back and grab all the whelps, focus down the dragonkin add when he's up, and with all those whelps vengeance goes up.
But the best part of it all - Grand Crusader procs so often you can throw your shield at Ony EVERY GCD. And I had maybe 25% parry+dodge, if that. Takes a while, but it's funny to see your shield flying around all the time xD

Final note, more as proof that prot soloing is the way to go, I think the toughest fights I've done so far is 3/4 VoA 25m solo. Still no mammoth, though D=
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Laryn would you be so kind as to give some talent advice and mechanics for The Eye?

Talent-wise, Sacred Shield and Execution Sentence would probably be the big helpers, though
Hand of Purity might help you get through a rough patch, too. Keep SS up as often as you can, and pop ES on yourself just before a difficult part starts (i.e. when all 4 adds rez). You can use HoP when stunned, so that can help out a bit, too.

The details that helped me out a bunch is to kite the first two to the beginning doors (one to each), but it sounds like you've got that part down. Something that might really help is if you pick up a PvP trinket - blow your offensive CDs to burn down the mage asap, using the trinket for the first disorient so you can finish her off. Get on the engineer next, and if the stun is too much trouble (4 second stun 'occasionally' tends to become 20s, I know >_< ), go ahead and bubble yourself. If you can get him down before your bubble ends and the stun debuff is gone, you're home free. Otherwise, I'd suggest killing one of the remaining adds, then leaving the last up until the toy debuff wears off.

I did The Eye 25m solo as prot (after a couple wipes, of course), but even if you're ret you should be able to solo 10m. Sometimes you just gotta get lucky on the attempt =/

Hope that helps, and good luck!

EDIT: Alternatively, you can use the ES on the mage (or engineer, even) for more dps through the cc. Holy Prism might also work for that encounter, but I'd think ES would be easier/more reliable.
Yeah, I thought there was, but I guess I was mistaken. It's a tough fight as a pally, don't get me wrong - way easier on a dk, but we can do it, too =)
I've tried soloing a couple Wrath raids as both Ret and Prot, and more often than not there's not much noticeable difference in terms of survivability, excluding fights with unique mechanics that make survival top priority.

Some generous applications of Eternal Flame and I rarely fall below 95% health in ret, while doing 60k dps.

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