Stop Complaining.

Lol at the GC bashing. All classes have been getting nerfed and buffed into oblivion since vanilla, get over it, give constructive feedback, wait for changes.

Yes but the problem with GC lately has been that he is making blanket pve buffs with no regard at all for pvp, that is until they hot fix it later cause they !@#$ed up in obvious ways. And if you notice I said he does it to all classes not just warriors.
..Dafuq did I just read?

I'm sorry but does the 100% Shockwave cooldown increase not apply to you?

I mentioned that. (:

With a few nerfs over time from ones made to balance arms warriors (the removal of gag order and shockwave on a longer CD).

Just gotta do the best with what they give us.
Pogonip - White Death

Great name for a warrior :)
Its true that warriors get the !@# end of the stick alot. My main in BC was a warrior. My Son's main was a warrior, both of us have moved on. I just got on my warrior this evening to level him and omg he sucks honestly and maybe its because i have no idea what i am doing but they have been ravaged. I will just stick with my enhancement shaman from now on. They get nerfed here and there but nothing as drastic as warriors. Good luck Warriors I hope someone listens to you.
Thanks for this, I was afraid that my fun would end at 90.
Been playing Warriors over multiple accounts for over half a decade and I've seen this before many times, two that really stick would be. Back in Wrath when we first obtained Juggernaut, it was AMAZINGLY overtuned. lmao, then we got bent over so hard we were near useless, but I adjusted, warrior was still fun although they tampered with things that didn't need it(juggernaut needed it badly). Some more in between then and the next example but the next one was 4.2 cata. We were sitting quite nicely and then we got bent over again and were in a state that only allowed us 1 or 2 arena comps that really didn't go too far but were fun, but our rbg role was stripped to FC(I don't enjoy it, I feel like I'm being carried on non-flag maps since our node map roles are soooo easy) But now in 5.2 we're back to it again and any arms warrior that wishes to do rbgs can attest to it, we have no place in pvp at this season at all guessed it, Flag carrying! I'm not going to get an entirely new set of t1 just to fc. I know I can regem/reforge/rechant every time i want to switch between rbgs and arena, but nobody playing any class/spec should be forced into that bottleneck, or any bottleneck. I sympathize with other classes/specs that are forced into this currently as well. But as it stands, I don't play my warrior anymore. Sorry fellow warriors, but that's how I feel about it and I'm disengaging from our class. Going over to hunter even though I hate the playstyle but at least I can play rateds and arena now.
One major patch in and this is what it's come to.

Yes we suck, but suck it up blizz always screws warriors over.

Not good enough.

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