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Commission drawn by Dr Graevling.

The search for Alleria and Turalyon.
With the Burning Legion's onslaught on Azeroth continuing unabated news of an unexpected hope arrives. In Outland, Aggra and Nobundo has researched Ner'zhul's work with the portals to other worlds and have made contact with an alien race on another world.

This race had tales of a strange male and female of an, to them, alien race who matched the description of Alleria and Turalyon. This duo had aided them in a time of hardship and then traveled to another land with a few of their tribe.

With both the Horde and Alliance pressed hard by the Legion forces Anduin Wrynn, Dornaa and Salandria Dragonrider sets out to search for the lost pair, hoping to bring them back to aid Azeroth in its need. Perhaps they will even be able to bring them back with new allies - if they can find them.

(I've always enjoyed both Dornaa and Salandria during Chidren's Week and there was also hints that they had a not insignificant role to play in the future in the little questlines you do with them.
While it's possible I have screwed up on the timeline they should by my reckoning be fairly close in age to Anduin and I've long toyed with the idea of the three of them becoming friends. And of Salandria not only getting a dragon (not drake, do note) as a friend but one that lets her ride on her back, thus earning her the surname Dragonrider.

This is a result of those ideas; the trio arriving on a new planet just having stepped through the portal, all brought to life by Dr Graevling's talented hand.
Outfits inspired by the tier 6 shaman set, the tier 1 priest set and the tier 6 paladin set. They are intentionally not exact replicas.)
While that is a neat piece of artwork, I have to ask what the point of this thread is, because it kinda straddles the line between Story Forum and World's End Tavern.

Did you want to discuss the story implications of the hypothetical return or search for Turalyon and Alleria?

Edit: I love that furry/spiny slug thing in the corner.
Just wanted to show the artwork and the story/idea/thoughts behind it. Didn't really know which forum to put it in, since there are some that kinda fits but none that fits exactly.

Should I move it to the World's End Tavern you think?
Just wanted to show the artwork. Didn't really know which forum to put it in, since there are some that kinda fits but none that fits exactly.

Should I move it to the World's End Tavern you think?

If you're just showing off the artwork (again, it's a nice piece), might be better served in General (It'd certainly reach a greater number of people there.).

The search for Turalyon and Alleria is a major plot point yet unresolved, mind you, so I don't see the harm in leaving this thread here (Well, unless it turns into a flamewar, but that'd hardly be your fault.).
Yes, that particular plot point is one I'm quite interested in.
As much as I'd like to see the draenei take a spot in the limelight when the Legion comes knocking the next time I also want Alleria and Turalyon to come back as well.
Plus, I think we'll need their help against the Legion. Rexxar and the mok'nathal too.

I also subscribe to the idea that the armored knight glowing with the Light in the vision Velen has in his short story isn't Anduin but Turalyon.
I do think Anduin has an important role to play, but I see him as having more of a priestly bent (which is why he wears priest robes in the artwork). The army of Light will need a general to lead it and Turalyon would be a good fit for that.

So would Saurfang for that matter, but he doesn't have any special connection to the Light as far as I know.
It could possibly be Eitrigg, though that feels like a long shot. The first orc paladin (and I say that only half in jest). ;)
I support a Warcraft Teen Titans-like team.

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