GDKP 25m on Fridays? ToT OLD

Would anybody be interested to see this work itself out? The time of GDKP is gone, but let's bring it back. Post if you're interested not sure what the times would be but we can always hammer that out later. Obviously won't be good for awhile, but the more regular this becomes. The better it will get/be

Tier bids start off at 1k
All other bids start off at 500g
Increments must be a minimum of 100G
End of the night all gold will be distributed out amongst all 25.

GDKP Will start at 7pm Server
Will be throwing up a edited roster for those wanting to come. Post ilvl/exp/class/spec below

1. Wafflezz
2. Osim
3. Troublesome
4. Xontrexxm
5. Ossmo
6. Praetorian
7. Sneakshade
I'd love to do gdkp
sounds good.
so which raid are you planning on doing?
Would like to start getting some ToT in.
Yeah, I'd go.
I would like to go but being that you don't state a time not Sure I could make it
also is there a minimum gold required for a spot
No gold required for a spot. Just a starting point. Nobody has really talked about a time of the sort but maybe 7/8pm server? Not sure how people feel about that.
I'm interested as DPS. Have downed 5/12 in ToT on main and I've got gold burning to be spent.

I question a GDKP group's ability to down more than the first boss in ToT this early in the tier, however.

Perhaps do HOF or ToES instead?
just put up a valid time, 7pm server
I've thought about that. Toes would be pretty simple, but is the loot still needed is the question. I'm sure the first two could be downed in gdkp on 25m, but again if it can become a regular thing maybe within the next few weeks or so it could be a saturday continuation type gdkp and full clear. Just takes chemistry
Last time I went on a GDKP run organized by Invy, a gained 2 inches.

Oh, I will dps.
Your saved this week Smexy =/ Unless you have an alt to come.
I'd like to go.

490 WW Monk DPS
502ilvl 6/12 fire would love to go
I'm interested in going.
487 Frost DK
Still need more people!
Blah, I'm having car problems so I'm stuck at work. Unlikely going to make it home by raid start :(
chiiit, can i bring my Hunter? hes only 477 ilvl but ik every fight.

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