warlock demon pet macro(help please)

UI and Macro
trying to make this macro work:

/cast [btn:1]Hellfire
/petAssist [btn:1,noexists]
/petpassive [btn:2,noexists]

a one button farming macro for my warlock and pet, i want it to cast hellfire and put pet to assist when i left click, and make pet passive when i right click. it works ONLY if i have no target though, and if i have a target or a corps targeted, it stops working.... i cant figure out why it would be behaving this way, could any one shed some light on this for me?
The [noexists] conditional is only true when the unit specified by @unit (or your target if no unit was specified) doesn't exist.

If you always want it to put your pet on assist/passive regardless of what you're targeting, just take out the [noexists] conditionals:/use [btn:1]Hellfire
/petassist [btn:1]
/petpassive [btn:2]

i tried that and it didnt work so i spent 30 min hunting down the [noexists] thing.... now i just RE trield what u said to do and it worked!!!

i think wow just hates me right now, but all that matters is it works now!

thank you!

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