Show tooltip based on spec?

UI and Macro
I wanted a macro that I could use for sub and mut spec. So far I got everything working but the icon display.

#showtooltip [spec1:] Shiv; Dispatch
/cast [spec:1, nostealth, nocombat] Stealth; Shiv, [spec:2, nostealth, nocombat] Stealth; Dispatch

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the only function that doesn't work is that it's only showing the icon for shiv. I've also tried
#showtooltip [spec1:] Shiv, [spec2:] Dispatch, but that doesn't work either
[spec:1] and not [spec1:]
[spec:1] and not [spec1:]

[insert expletive here]

Thank you! I had a feeling it was simply my fault.. xD

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