Is this possible?

UI and Macro
Would it be possible to have a macro something like this...

What i want it to do is cast scorch if im running/moving, and evocation/invocation while still.

this is not working, any experts on this?

/cast nochanneling Evocation, Scorch

I know it can be done with a modifier, but im trying to avoid the modifier.
If you mean cast something while not channeling another spell then yes, [nochanneling:Spell] is a valid conditional. There is no conditional for moving/standing still so that part is a no. Here's a complete list:
been working on it for a while, dont think its gonna happen without a modifier, closest i came was,

#showtooltip Evocation
/castsequence [@player, help, nochanneling] Evocation;[@target, harm] Scorch
Scorch can be cast while moving, so i figured it would just ignore the first spell if i were moving and go on with the next. Guess not.
What nochanneling means is unless you're channeling a spell that can be channeled (not just a spell with regular cast time), evocation will be cast. So it can't serve as a moving/still macro.
Can always plug it into:
to get a step by step of what the macro does.

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