Um, I think rbg queues could use some work

Queue popped after 2 minutes.

Looks legit to me:
We had em running scared - true story.
I do believe if a top rated team has waited 8m15s they are queued into any team concurrently queued despite rating inequality. This keeps us top rated players from getting bored on nights when no one else is queuing. Thanks!
For what it's worth, our team had a blast. Going into an RBG without the pressure of thinking we can win was actually pretty fun. We were pretty happy in vent when we got our first killing blow, and the 2nd one was the cherry on top :D
That guy you killed musta been pretty embarrassed lol.


You're lucky they only had 3 locks this time.
Ugh close your quest log. That's a pet peeve of mine. :3

Also that's lame.

Yeah, when I saw my own screenshot after the fact, I felt embarrassed that I had it open when doing RBGs.

queuing into 1400 teams is pretty boring

Sorry for the boredom psyops (not sarcastic). Not sure if you knew, but your FC for the first cap died about 1 to 2 seconds after cap while we were ready to cap - we *almost* made it interesting (numbers wise, of course you would have trounced us if you started trying) for a little bit.
world of stack destro lockcraft
So were your hunter and mage not wearing gear?
You're lucky they only had 3 locks this time.

Psyops I also queued into you

Some baby back bullsh!t

And I'm not 1400 I'm usually 2kish. Today is first day back :D

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