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Death Knight
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@Aeirah you also need to consider the fights in this tier. 2H is better suited for Jink'roh, Megaera, Ji-kun, Durumu, Primordius, Iron Qon, Consorts (Debatable), and lei shen.

Whether or not it's more useful on Dark Animus depends on your guilds strat

All the bosses have such a large hitbox this tier that the ability to hit harder from a distance isn't as relevant as it was in previous tiers. There are only a few cleave fights scattered throughout at the beginning and the rest are single target
@Deathfailure this is a very impressive armory. Tsk tsk for having PvP shoulders but Almost everything is done perfectly. You could tweak your reforging to hit the exact expertise cap.

Bracers: Crit > Haste
Boots: Hit > Crit

That should chop off 8 exp and put you exactly at 2210 and also give you 37 more haste and 200 more crit.

Ya, working on the shoulders can't seem to get any better lol. Hopefully some luck next week. Also just two more of each for the sha gem.

Thanks for the advise. Though I just tried it, and gave me totally different numbers (7.55 exp). But no biggy still got a lot of upgrading, and each piece requires the whole set to be reforged lol.
Really? Oh sorry my bad then. I must've messed up the numbers in my head. Apologies. If that's the case then you're nearly perfect minus the PvP shoulders
just got the cloak need to chat it, but wondering if i should start swiching out strength for more haste gems?
id like an audit.
@Drhiv Many death knights got used to the idea in Cata that str is the king stat. This will be true again once people are geared in this tier + the next one, but for right now you need to get your rune regen speed up to a comfortable level so you're always using an ability on every GCD.

I'm assuming you don't want to change your PvP gear so we can leave that alone.

You'll be better off if you gem your chest 160 haste + 80 str, then a 320 haste (You have an intellect gem in right now o.0)
Swap out the str gem in your hands for a pure haste gem
You have another intellect gem in your belt o.0. Gem haste for that first socket and the prismatic from the buckle.
On your legs you'd want haste/hit and str/haste
Finish off with your feet being gemmed for pure haste.

You can also chant your boots for pure haste instead of mastery + 9% run speed (lets face it, it's useless)

I know that it might seem like this is an excessive amount of haste but there's a reason it's first on your priority list. Haste is unbelivably useful until around 80%, at which point you'll start GCD capping and will want more str/crit.
@Øbsidious there's a few things to swap around.

It's important to note that your haste scale factor is somewhere just above .5 per haste, so gemming 320 haste is more beneficial than gemming 320 str

For your chants, you'll want a str enchant on your bracers and hands. Haste is good but the str outweighs it in this case

Swap out your shoulder gems to haste/str instead of pure haste. 160 haste

The prismatics on your bracers and hands can be pure haste as well, but swap the haste gem in your hands to 160haste/80str. 140 str and 160 haste is slightly better than just 320 haste

You have some interesting gem choices for your belt. As a general rule of thumb, it's not advised to gem straight hit or straight expertise. You can alter your reforging slightly to make this a non issue and replace the expertise gem with a haste gem. If you restore the reforging on your neck and second ring it should give you the necessary expertise back. That also means you'd want to reforge that same ring from crit > haste. Replace the pure hit gem with a 160haste/ 160 hit gem.

The socket bonus on your legs is worth matching and one of the sockets is blue, which means you can gem haste/hit and make up for the lost haste on your belt whilst also getting the socket bonus.

Start with that and I'm sure you'll see an improvement in your performance
@pwnjuice lord cant believe i grab the wrong gem last night and ty
how about me? also any ideas on some good add ons to see autoattacks more clearly? I find myself wasting km on frost strike often and haven't ran across an add on which would help me manage it better.
Deathknight you have almost everything perfect IMO. My only real suggestion gear wise would be to enchant your boots for haste instead of mastery.

One of the things you could do as far as seeing your autoattacks is get Mik's Scrolling Battle Text. You can create a seperate field for just autoattacks specifically and display it on it's own section of the screen. Outside of that I'm really not sure
Deathknight you have almost everything perfect IMO. My only real suggestion gear wise would be to enchant your boots for haste instead of mastery.

One of the things you could do as far as seeing your autoattacks is get Mik's Scrolling Battle Text. You can create a seperate field for just autoattacks specifically and display it on it's own section of the screen. Outside of that I'm really not sure

alright thanks I'll take a look into Mik's add on and I'll enchant haste on the boots
I try to go over this guy with a fine toothed comb, but if anyone can see some areas for improvement please lay it on me
@Ayriagosa It's important to note that Str isn't always best. In your situation haste will be more beneficial to you than pure str so you should try and gem haste when possible. Start with those changes and we can go over individual choices in a bit.

@Eosforos you're literally perfect. Your individual haste scale factor in your current gear is .5 per 1 str. The only thing you could possibly swap is your hit gems on your sword and belt. You'll lose a tiny bit of haste which should put your swing speed at 2.0 which is ideal. Haste is great up till 80% at which point you can't fit all your attacks between your swing timers. It's kind of confusing to explain but you'll want your swing speed between 2.0-2.2 seconds (to account for possible latency issues, it depends on your ping.

You will lose literally 0 dps for this change (in theory) but it might help you play better.

Btw, I love your transmog!
I'll admit right off the bat that I only came back to WoW recently, and it took me a bit to realize that gemming straight str is not the best idea XD. Thank you for the info that 80% haste is the goal, came looking for what soft cap was.

Anyways, any tips would be appreciated. Looking around I see I need to tune my enchants a bit better, although I'll note that the on use haste trink brings me to around 80.
@Baedekar you certainly like haste. One of the things you might not realize is that there are some sockets which are worth matching. Your helm, chest, belt and debatably your shoulders, legs, and weapon have bonuses which outweigh the pure haste. While haste is good, it's less effective if you hit like a wet noodle. Your haste scale factor comes out to .51 so gemming haste will barely outweigh str at this point. Your crit is at .37 which means that if you gem your belt with 80str, 160 haste, the socket bonus of 120 crit will push it to a net dps gain over 320 haste.

It's also worth noting that your under yout hit and expertise cap needlessly. You can fix your reforging to hit the 7.5% mark which will increase your dps (missed obliterate crits suck) Using a reforging calculator makes this process easy and painless and there are several available. Reforge lite (reforgelite?) is an addon which allows you to calc reforges in game while will do it out of game(personally I prefer the latter but it doesn't really matter)

In regards to your talent choices, Rolling blood is probably the weakest of your options in T1 because not only does it cost a run, but blood boil is on the GCD and not part of your rotation which means that you're losing potential dps by trying to spread diseases this way. I'd recommend unholy blight for fast disease spreading between multiple targets and it can actually save you an unholy rune on single target fights which can then be spent on more obliterates. Asphyxiate isn't optimal for most PvE encounters because bosses can rarely be stunned or silenced and most hard CCs will be covered by other members of your raid comps if CC is actually needed. 9 times out of 10, Death's advance will be most helpful to you but there are definitely fights where chillblains is worth taking depending on your raid's strat.

My last little tidbit is try and replace your trinkets asap. On use trinkets (while these conveniently line up with Pillar) are much generally (not always) less useful than trinkets that proc str because they don't benefit from the str multiplier that pillar applies. Getting to your 80% haste soft cap is a long term goal and not something that needs to be prioritized over your other stats. Towards the end of the xpac I'm sure you'll start to see your rating at or near that mark by default (note that this concept is subject to change depending on class changes)

Just my two cents
Hi all.
I read the forums regularly, but typically don't participate.
However, I'm getting to the point in LFR that DPS means something to the team.
Please rate my gem and stat allocation and proffer suggestions.
I might just make a specific gearing post at this point but for now I'll stick with this.

I just want to start by saying that I'm absolutely amazed at how you picked up a full set with almost no Hit rating on it. I'm practically oozing it and it makes me jealous.

Your enchanting is good for the most part. The only thing I'd recommend changing is your enchant to your bracers (go for exceptional strength if you can afford it) and change the rune to on your weapon to Fallen Crusader. The proc from it is up almost all the time and it's a huge boost for your dps(If you were DW than putting razorice on your MH would be optimal but 2H is different)

You're a JC (which I respect) and it's better for you to gem str than haste. That being said let's swap some gems around.

Stick a 320 Str gem in your helm to replace the 160 gem. This utilizes the red sockets as best you can. Replace the 480 haste gem with a 320 one. This frees up a 320 str gem. You actually get to gem for hit here which is incredibly rare! Swap out the stamina gem on your belt for a Rigid one which will provide you with some needed hit rating which will help with your reforging in a bit. Swap out the 160 str gem for a 320 haste one as well.
You don't need to gem for expertise because you can manage that cap with some proper reforging so put your other 320 str gem in your legs.

I'm just going to provide a link to the reforging that would need to be done to correctly maintain a ~7.5% hit and expertise cap while optimizing your haste. Note that the section named original will be incorrect and not actually reflect your current stats but that's just the way the link works for whatever reason. The ideal reforging is posted in both the Original and Local Columns so just use that instead of what you have.,Exp=2550,Exp:0.674,Hit:0.674,Haste:0.597,Crit:0.394,Mastery:0.339&reforge=545402530434030354522403--3404----

Changes to your talents + glyphs probably won't result in a dps increase but will most likely enhance your performance. Death Siphon recently recieved a buff but in a PvE enviornment it's not worth spending a rune to give yourself a small amount of health back. Most people would pick Death Pact as it costs nothing, is off the GCD, and heals for a considerable amount. Once you get up there and get your 2 piece bonus from T15 you can actually use it on your summoned zandalari minions so it's available almost all the time.

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