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Being a shaman is a new experience for me. I'm not sure how I should order my spells to be efficient and maximize my dps. My main is a priest, and I'm always using 3 or more spells when fighting/healing with her, but it seems all of my shaman spells have long cooldown times, leaving me using a lot of auto-attack and feeling useless in dungeons. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I just need to know the best way to dps for my current level and a little more. I'll figure it out eventually, but for now I'm stumped. Please help me!
Lightning bolt doesn't have a cooldown, so you should always be using that when nothing else is available. Otherwise you should try to keep flame shock up on an enemy, and use earth shock when it's up. Your rotation will get more interesting when you get lava burst. There really isn't much else you need to do when solo DPSing as a shaman, other then keeping your searing totem up.

When fighting multiple mobs in a dungeon you'll want to use chain lightning instead of lightning bolt as it hits multiple targets. You will get that ability at level 28.

Just some quick advice on your gear. Elemental shamans focus on intellect. Strength and Agility do nothing for your spec.
Elemental really doesn't have that many buttons to hit. Once you get Lava Burst and Fulmination, you essentially have everything you need for single target dps, excluding any level 90 talents. The more challenging part of being a good elemental shaman is managing the shock cooldowns while keeping 100% Flame Shock uptime and discharging any excess Lightning Shield charges via Fulmination (Earth Shock) at the proper time without waiting too long and wasting any procs (this is done by keeping Lightning Shield up and using Earth Shock at about 7-8 stacks). That's usually enough to keep most people busy.

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