T14 4 piece bonus versus T14 & T15 combo

Last night I finally got the 4th piece in my tier 14 set (mostly lfr), and tonight I have gotten 2 pieces of the tier 15 lfr set.

Do I keep the 4 piece bonus from the tier 14 for a bit, or do I do the two piece bonus from each set? (I have the lfr version of gloves and legs.) [Edited to add I mostly PVE with myself and some friends.]

The T-14 4 piece is pretty bad. It only works our to about a 2% dps gain so replace with he T-15 pieces.
Thanks. I'll try that.

I guess I have a date with some training dummies.
2p/2p, break t14 2p for 4p t15
Of course an awesome loot drop just has to muck up my 2p/2p plan.
Tyrant King Battleplate

I can't complain about how good the RNG gods have been to me this week.
Decisions, Decisions.

I hope the training dummy wants to go out again.
Breaking 4pT14 without going into 2pT15 is going to result in a pretty healthy DPS loss. Someone's already tried going from a 496 tier piece to a 522 offset piece and noted a significant loss in output.
If I use the 522 chest, it breaks my t14 2p (chest & head). I'd still have the t15 2p (gloves & legs).
I'm going to run ToES a couple times to see if I can get the shoulder token, then I wouldn't have to decide. (I'm not a decider.)

Currently have:
t14 - chest (lfr), head (lfr), legs (lfr), gloves (N)
t15 - legs (lfr), gloves (lfr)

and the above mentioned 522 chest.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. :)
MMkay. Armory still shows you with 4pT14, hence what I said. I imagine breaking 2pT14 for an offset piece is likely to result in a DPS loss, too, though.
Nng, even upgrading from 483 to 522, I'm not sure that the increased stats would make up for the loss of 15% increased damage on our biggest damage source. I'm no math guru though.

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