495 Resto Shaman

Looking for 10 man raiding team. Took a break from WoW during the last tier and would like to get back into semi-hardcore raiding. Can raid monday-thursday between 6 and 11 server.. Send me in-game mail(or a whisper if i am online) if interested!
Are you looking for a new home do you want to raid do you want to hang out an play in a laid back friendly guild that is trying to get some raiding done well you are in luck.Max threat is in need of Range dps (Boomkin-Ele shammy-Shadow priest) 2 Heals (Resto shammy-Resto druid) We raid wed/thur 7-10pm server (west coast time) If you are looking for a new home come join us! Add my battle tag if you would like to chat with me in game onenf1ngon1y#1450

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