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Sorry I hit ya up during raid Bezaleel. Interested in guild, Moank (497 BM/WW monk) and Phalasio (499 resto/boomkin). hit me up in game or on here I'll check forum often. Thanks and good luck tonight.
Interested in guild, Moank (497 BM/WW monk) and Phalasio (499 resto/boomkin)

Be sure to apply on our guild website: axiomproudmoore.enjin.com/apply
Twins down tonight! Come help us get Lei Shen, everyone! Still need apps. :)
still looking for good healers and tanks

put an app in your website :)
ilvl 507 BM monk (myself) and ilvl 501 Mage (montyburns @ galakrond) looking to transfer in and join a raid team and guild. we're looking for 9-12 AST (8-11 EST) time any nights. we're both dedicated and skilled players. battletag : prestzel#1739 (contact me for more info)
24/m/il lf non big girl must like to do chores lol
Hello I am retro/balance Druid looking for raid guild (transfer is not issue) just wondering is you still need Druid healer ..
Oomkin needs more people to play with!!
The OP has been updated to reflect our needs as of May 16th.

Please remember to visit axiomproudmoore.enjin.com/apply to apply to our guild. We will assess potential raiders after they apply and look forward to reviewing your applications!
What do you get when you cross a snake with a bakery?

wtb boots from tortos
Updated OP with current Heroic progression!

Updated OP.

Currently seeking a skilled DPS shaman or mage! Be our Hero!
not looking for holy pallys anymore :(
OP updated: New equipped item level requirement of 510.
OP updated!

Our roster has changed up a little lately. We currently are actively recruiting another ranged DPS. Warlocks and Elemental shamans are encouraged to apply!

We've also gotten Heroic Ji'kun down!
Still looking for a 10th to fill our roster! Apply today. :)
Apply! We need moar applications!


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