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I can't see very well so i tried the maximum for my chat log. This was still too small for me to see. My next step was to increase the scale of the entire ui. This worked and I can now see the text no problem. My problem is with the Raid frames. I don't like using addons, but will if I have to. Since I scaled the ui big enough to read the text in the chat log now my raid frames take up nearly my entire screen. I've tried a few things but am at a loss other than trying a raid frames add-on. Can anyone help me?

I think a solution to this problem would be a scale bar on the raid interface pane. I know there are ways to resize the individual boxes but they are still too large.
Addons are designed for exactly this sort of thing; to provide functionality that the default UI isn't designed to support.

Your solution is an addon - it's very unlikely that Blizzard would develop something to scale individual aspects of the UI.
Can adjust past the default slider values using a macro:
Sedivy's macro is great and will work well but needs to be run every time you start the game or reload your UI. If you want a more permanent solution with less maintenance, an addon is your solution.
It seems a like something that helps the player to see the game would be something they'd want to incorporate in the game. It's not enjoyable to either not be able to see of have your raid frames block the view. It seems important to make the game accessible to even people who can't see as well as others.
But they did incorporate it into the game. If Blizzard didn't want people to be able to resize the raid frames, they wouldn't have given addons license to change the size of the raid frames.

The philosophy behind WoW's UI is that they want it to be simplistic for new players to be able to pick up without confusion. For those that want more options or features, they enable addons to quite literally add on additional functionality. Those people who want that functionality will seek out what has been created to offer that functionality; those people who don't won't end up confused by an array of options and details that are not relevant to beginners.
All that I am saying is that it was a pain for someone whose eyes are failing having fun in order to see to play the game they love. I would think it would be an imperative for Blizzard to improve some UI function so that people who may not be able to play. An easy way to adjust settings in order to play a game that is extremely reliant on vision should be a must. Especially with the standards that Blizzards holds themselves to.
You have sliders there to adjust the size already. Macro (or addons) are simply there for less used/more extreme changes in size. It's like zoom or any other slider in options. Certain range is there and if there is an option for more, they'll make it available through the script.

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