[H] <CHRIS> is now recruiting

CHRIS, or "Captain Harriet's Raiding Inspiration Sensation" for short, is actively recruiting:

  • Tank - Nil
  • DPS x 1 - Boomkin/Lock; and
  • Healer x 1 - Monk / Pally or Shammy
  • to join our 10 man raiding team (Wed, Thu and Sun 7.30-10.30pm AEDST).


    YOU: We expect you to be familiar and experienced with your class.

    US: CHRIS is currently 6/12 soon to be 8/12.

    CHRIS formed on the Dath'Remar server and finished the previous tier with 4/6HC MSV and 2/6 HC HoF. Due to low population and recruitment opportunities, core raiders within the guild decided to transfer to Saurfang to find like minded and skilled players to join the team.

    As a guild we want to work on content that we find challenging as raiders, but without the hardcore rage - it's a fine balance but one we aim to achieve.

    MY BLOG - head to http://www.guildchris.net and click on Space Camp on the right of menu bar to read my blog.

    SOCIAL - Social applicants / players are more than welcome to join.

    If any of this sounds somewhat appealing - hit us up via website or in game.

    Spacedruid, Deszilla, Cubezz or Psychedelìc (GM).

    Thanks for the welcome, and yep I've heard of Phoenix Risen.

    Thinks are definetly tough on Dath. The top raiding guild on the server is also transferring off, they have trouble recruiting even though they are one of the top ranked in Oceanic.

    We have only been here a few days, but it's already about a bajillion times more active then Dath, which is fantastic!
    I would be interested on my Priest or my DK
    catch up in game for a chat


    Updated - recruitment expanded. All exceptional applicants considered.
    I have a holy pally I can bring over, I haven't really raided much in mop currently looking for a team I can commit to so I can gear up, I am 3/6 msv on main and 1/6 on my pally, as I said I haven't raided much but i'm looking for a team to progress on.
    Hi Evarrasul, head over to <guildchris.net> and put up an application, we'll take a look at your toon and go from there.
    Progression updated, we are still chasing our healer and ranged deeps.

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