A simple request for Transmog

While I know that Legendary weapons are still in debate (to a degree) can Paladin, Warriors, and the sort that USED to use Polearms be able to transmog into them? I miss walking around with Hellreaver and feeling like a badass during WoW BC. It's one of the best 2 Handed models for its style and yet is used the least because you immediately find something better within a level.
On top of Hellreaver, been holding onto Lantressor's Warblade since my pally was leveling in Nagrand for its style, then, upon hearing of transmog, with the hope of being able to use it as a model. Sadly it is a polearm too.
In the meantime, there is a str polearm that drops off trash in ToT if you're interested (and lucky)
If I was in a actual guild that would be useful. But since Blizzard allowed cross weapon mogging this is just a request.
I think there's a LFR version. I know there's an LFR version of the 2h caster mace.
Right now they're not able to make a live version of this because of animations/coding. They could do it with different kinds of hunter weapons that used different animations because they coded it that way, but they say they'd have to restructure the code for axe-swinging to show up as polearm-jabbing.
I'm using Hellreaver, nyeh!

(Actually it's SO weird to be using a polearm. The animations are different OH GOD WHAT DID I DO)
I actually never thought about the animations cause its been so long since I played a Pally that used a polearm. Guess it could be more complicated than I thought but still something I would like to see at some point *fingers crossed* lol

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