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Hi all. I'm currently not playing WoW because I...

    got sick of LFR's queue times and player incompetence
    couldn't get into a proper raiding guild
    felt I was always chasing BiS gear for the simple reason of wanting more power

Also a recent conversation with a real-life mate made me think about the situation. I only did LFR because I couldn't get into Normal raids (Heroic I'm not too fussed on). My character is currently a Troll SV Hunter, L90, with iLvl of 493. She could handle ToT Normal I'm sure of it. In any case, actual raiding for me has always seemed out of reach.
I think this lead me to believe that I would never get close to my goal, let alone obtaining it. It made me feel "drained", for lack of a better word, and has perhaps lead me to think "why bother playing WoW at all". Originally, I was going to be done with it after beating Deathwing on the 4.3 PTR way back!
The apparent elitism of some guilds had also turned me off. I'm a more social person these days, so I would rank spending time in real-life with my real-life friends to be higher priority than playing an online game. Naturally a family emergency would always take precedence too, as would my own health. I got the impression that some guilds I've talked to or even been in for a time weren't happy with that stance.

Moving on, I have thought that raiding could be possible for me. At certain GMT+10 (Australia) times at least. I have Tafe and TKD a few days a week, but those are currently the only commitments I have. This doesn't include hanging out with real-life mates, which can be a random thing. Even if I couldn't make a raiding time, I would apologize asap and be ready for the next one (hopefully).
I also know the SV Hunter class pretty well now too. When I was playing, I switched to SV just after 5.2 came in. It performs very well I must say, and I don't die unless I'm mobbed by multiple enemies. By all means take a look at my toon's page -->

I'm not too sure what I'm after by posting this here. Call it "venting" if you will. I do enjoy WoW to some degree, but I would like to get somewhere with it, beyond being Exalted with almost all 5.x factions and not having the gear I'm after. Any advice/suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

And yes, I guess I am looking to get into an Oceanic guild that does Normal raids at least a few times a week. FYI, Tortos has a weapon I want (allegedly a BiS candidate).
I think you should post or look in the guild recruitment section if that's what you're after.

But I wonder if you ever had BiS you would be like the many that quit as soon as they've got the last piece?

I keep playing, just because I enjoy playing with my guildies.

Hope you find what you're searching for, either way :P
Maybe you just haven't found the right play style yet? I play because i'm the guild master of a guild that has been around for 5 or so years.

I love my guild, and I play for its members. I also enjoy levelling toons and I love the feeling of getting better loot, I like the look of the gear so it's rather satisfying for me.

I don't care too much about raiding or raiding hardcore, I've never been fond of PvP and I'm not good at it either, questing and dailies leaves me bored or and drained and pet battles were fun at first, however they got rather boring fast.

So why do I still play? As I mentioned above, my guild. I don't mind paying $15 a month if it means being able to socialise and do things with my guild. Granted, if I had more of a life outside WoW I would probably quit, but this is the best i've got for now and I try to make the most of it.

I guess my point is that you should maybe try other thing the game has to offer, because there is a lot more aside from LFR, raiding and PvP. Give it a try, you might find that you actually enjoy RP or mount collecting or running old raids with a level 70 twink.

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