Healadins, How much Spirit do you keep?

PvE or PvP.

I'm nearly in full S13 Malevolent with a few S12 Malevolent pieces, and I'm just over 7k Spirit. I've gemmed mostly Resilience, with a handful of Spirit/Resil hybrids.

I just do regular BGs and I rarely go OOM, but when I do it's usually 'cos of poor CD management.

My PvE gear is a bit of a joke as well; only 8k Spirit in that department. I don't raid much. I usually go OOM in every LFR boss encounter, but . . . it is LFR :P

So, just curious of what others run with.
i use around 7 k spirit also but i don't feel its really enough for me in most bgs unless the opposing team does like no damage. and in particular rated bgs. you should try to use this if you have mana issues over that insignia trinket which i quite dislike for healers


its worth the gold and it helps in pve too.
I'm at, or just below, 10k spirit for PVE.

I stopped having any mana problems at 9k. I use Int flasks, Int food, and am considering gemming straight Int in my red slots. I keep Divine Plea and Arcane Torrent on CD after first use.

Spirit isn't as important as I thought it would 3-4 months ago. I see druids and shammies stacking upwards of 14k spirit, and my mana last as long as their does. This is my experience, your millage may vary.

I'm sure this would be different in heroic modes, though. And of course if you're undergeared.
Personally, I like as much as possible. I haven't reached a point that I thought I had too much regen (outside of fights like Gara'Jal and Twin Consorts). 11k~ I would say is my sweet spot so far, but I have been a little unlucky replaced non spirit pieces to stack more than what I currently have. I'd guess that 13k is probably the highest I'd go.
As the game goes on, you're going to continue to want more. There's a lot of factors that go into it (Haste, Mastery, your group, the encounter etc), but lining yourself with spirit isn't all that bad. I hit 10k a while ago and was feelin' all great til I got a crack at Empress and was like "O.O MOAR"

Bottom line: Go until you feel like you have enough. In most cases, you'll just keep going, though. ;) Stack Spirit and Carry On, or something to that effect.

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