Most effective way to grind low level mobs?

I'm ret and I like grinding reps. I'm in the process of grinding a rep in which I one-shot every mob that gives the rep. As a paladin, it seems very inefficient to do this. I only have 3 spells, all with a decent size cooldown, Judgement, Exorcism and Holy Prism. Other then that, I have to actually run up and melee. Is there a more efficient way to do this as a paladin?
Glyph Harsh Words and use 1-HP WoGs to finish a second enemy after Judging/Exorcising a first?

Also, Sanctified Wrath allows 30 seconds of ranged hammer spam at a time.
Thanks for the tip. Would holy or prot be better for this?
I doubt either would be much better, if at all. Prot's in the same boat for ranged attacks (AS instead of Exo, but still), and Holy has Denounce but that requires you to stand still.
Holy Shock too, but that just replaces Exo :(

Shorter CD though, that's gotta count for something.
Prot is definitely best for grinding large amounts of mobs. Just face pull a bunch of mobs, group them all up then Concentrate and Holy Wrath and watch stuff die while you just sit there.
Not if they are low level and die in one hit.

Low level mobs seem to have a shorter leash than mobs my level. Although, maybe I'm just imagining that. Or maybe it's that I have to hit them to keep them interested, which is pointless if they are 1 shotable.

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