Why pick a Warrior over a DK?

Showing extreme ignorance?

"warriors have a high skill cap"

god you're daft.

It's an opinion, you can't prove that warriors have or don't have a high skill cap. How is that ignorance? Anything that isn't your opinion is ignorance? ok, more emotional/personal talk from fragile, emotional people.
you tell people you think are raging/trying to boost their own ego to go to the trouble of mailing you in game


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Didn't read thread.

Did you make a, Why pick a DK over a Warrior? thread last season.

If you didn't your opinion is moot.
why pick a lock over a spriest??
Seriously.. why?

I run arenas with a warrior friend, he's a very good warrior, but every time we face a DK in 2s or 3s - I think to myself.. what's advantages do warriors have over DKs?

DKs always out burst Warriors unless you save a full bar of rage, burst is very important in arena. A good DK will always beat a good Warrior 1v1, so if you're running Warrior/healer you're going to be at an instant disadvantage vs DK/healer. DKs have slightly more CC IMO - the slows, and instant spammable long rage root ability, the pets. They don't even have as much survivability as DKs. WTF?

I don't understand how anyone can say warriors are OP, take a look at your battlegroup arena rankings. you'll see only a few warriors in top50 2v2 and 3v3.

I don't even own a L90 Warrior.. i'm just noticing how weak they are in arenas from playing with them and vs them. It makes no sense for this class to be where it's at right now, warriors have a really high skill cap IMO, they deserve better.

I remember reading in another post that warriors are 2nd last in arenas (compared to other classes) right now, next to monks.

o.o completely wrong.

if you let a warrior sit on a dk in a 2v2 match, and dk focuses the warrior, the warrior healer should always win. simple as that. if not, your warrior isn't playing correctly.

disc/warrior is the only healer that should have issue with dk/healer.

and dk's do not have more survivability then warriors. if you are basing your opinion off some duels you have watched, you're missing a lot. for short bursts, dk's might be able to survive because of pet sac, but draw that fight out and the warrior will win every time.
it is an opinion that's so wrong it hurts

it is ignorance to hold that opinion

are you really this stupid or are you just rping the village idiot?

more pointless insults. saying "warriors have high skill cap" must have really hurt you.
why pick a lock over a spriest??


there's a reason why 20%+ of the top arena teams have priests in them.
Why pick a Prot Warrior over a Resto Shaman?
oh yes i'm literally crying over here

no really, i actually am crying because people like you exist

ohh people who say "warriors have high skill cap"?

seriously tho, that couldn't have been what set you off. you can't be that fragile? can you?

please answer, i need more bumps.
Why pick a Prot Warrior over a Resto Shaman?

Literally lol'd
Why pick a Prot Warrior over a Resto Shaman?

for the same reason you pick a gnome over a undead..

03/22/2013 07:48 AMPosted by Prophette
Why pick a Prot Warrior over a Resto Shaman?

Literally lol'd

glad to see you're still here. I think that's your first post with no insults towards me.

one step at a time...
i am very fragile, just look at me, i'm practically having a meltdown over here

you're welcome for the bumps, more people will see how dumb you are

oh you're resorting to sarcasm now. they say sarcasm is a sign of insecurity, seems like I was right about you.
ITT: Serious druid posting serious concern turns pseudo-troll in hope to save face.

Time for me to bounce. HASHTAG yolo swag gangnam style brahmang
Natureswrath, Unholy has more burst than a warrior.......bwhahahahha, ok If the DK has his ghoul transformed and his gargoyle out and the warrior is disarmed, sure. Frost, maybe its probably pretty close, but Unholy is a dot mechanic, NS, slow constant pressure. Dk has more survivability than a warrior? OMG its hurts to breath, ok, IBF 20% reduction on a 3 min cooldown, AMS reduction against magic 45 second cooldown. Now take your pick either conversion which sucks already low damage for unholy, or ghoul sac on a 2 min cooldown.
You have lich/heal and a stun-Can not be used while silenced, or stunned or at low runic.

Do you really want to compare that against warriors defenses? Seriously, pick up a DK next time on the PTR and play against a well played warrior. You'll be disarmed, feared and stunned half of the game, you will likely have to blow ghoul sac in the first minute of a 1 vs 1. If you ever start to gain momentum, disarmed, shield wall, last stand etc. At this point, this is a complete troll post in my eyes. Each class has their strengths and weaknesses. If you sit on a DK, 90% of the time you will win the match. Dk and enhance shamans have some of the least defenses in the game, hence why last season DK's were the damm near lowest represented class(close to monks). I think really the problem, is that warriors had it so easy last season wiping the floor, blowing every cooldown right off the bat on a DK, and they would just crumble. Now it actually takes a bit of strategy, separates the good from the bad.

In short, sit on the DK, don't pop recklessness 2 seconds into the game, use your disarms/stuns and fears strategically and voila 90% wins against DK teams.

ITT: Serious druid posting serious concern turns pseudo-troll in hope to save face.

Time for me to bounce. HASHTAG yolo swag gangnam style brahmang

You must have felt pretty beaten to come here, just to post "insult insult im gonna go now, cya"

I'm glad you continued to follow the thread this far, reading all the replies - in hope to have something edgy to say before leaving.

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