Item Restoration not showing Tyrannical gear

Website Bug Report
1) Tyrannical gear is NOT showing on the Item Restoration web service!!!


2) Its impossible to create a Ticket about "Item Restoration"! The site will keep redirecting to the web service, and the "Create Ticket" button is grayed out!

I had to use a somewhat unrelated subject to create the Ticket (#36455824), and more than 2 days later still no response...

I accidentally disenchanted the Tyrannical Gladiator's ring of Accuracy I bought for 1250 conquest points... because apparently you can equip one Malev and one Tyrannical ring of Cruelty at the same time, and they look exactly the same... so yeah... gone...

It's very frustrating to see old and outdated items available but not current season, hard to obtain BiS gear through the Item Restoration web service...

please help!
Same here. Was real tired at that time and I even looks at both the rings and thought, "Oh, I better watch for which ring I DE since both icons looks identical." :{ I guess you can't restore newer gear ATM.

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