Selling a complete 1-600 Blacksmithing kit.


I also make all other kits! Message me here or in game if you're interested. :)
Sold, to a very nice Warrior!

Message me for other kits! :)
It takes me a couple of days to build them (I hand farm all of them), so feel free to save up and let me know which you'd be interested in!
Interested.. mail me in-game your prices. :)
Could you send me which pack(s) you'd like? That would help :)
Sure, I will mail you in-game my Battle-tag and we can discuss :D
Sounds great :) I've still not received your email in game however :(
How much for a Leatherworking kit?
I can do a 1-600 Leatherworking kit for 20k. Let me know if you're interested. :)
Hmm, I was looking for one closer to 15k.
Well, I priced it very cheap considering how much leather fluctuates on the auction house. The 385 savage leather needed alone is around 5500.
Are you willing to do a LW or BS kit to 525? I can finish out the rest. Let me know.
Bump because Borderlina is awesome! :)
Go ahead and quote me on an Enchanting kit as well please.
<3 You Mags!

Enchanting kits sell for 20k as well. If you want to 525 I can do that on any prof. I'll check the prices for 525 in the am :)

I'll sell two packs together for a slight discount.
Logged in on my alt. That's better :)
Were you able to get me a quote on the profressions to 525 LW and Ench preferrably
I'd do both to 525 for 26k

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