Selling a complete 1-600 Blacksmithing kit.

Hiii sorry I haven't messaged you in-game. Figured i'd just ask you here.

Looking for kits for 1-600 -- Engineering & Blacksmith
Hi!! No problem, I can do both of those for 28k :)
Sold another 1-600 Blacksmithing kit to a very nice Paladin :)
How much would a JC kit cost
Comfortable, your pack is ready! I just missed you by 2 mins on battle tag.. hope to catch you on!

Maz, I can price it out for you, Send me an in game mail so I can reply :)
I can do a 1-600 JC kit for 25k. Message me in game if interested! :)
Sold Eng and BS packs to a very nice hunter! :)
Second I logged on you logged out XD
Buy up from Borderlina!! Super legit, best prices, and VERY nice - Would do business again 100x over. If only every player in the game was like this.

got BS to 600 tonight doing Engi tomorrow night :) thanks again Borderlina!!
Sorry Maz! I'll be on most of the morning :)

Thanks Comfortable for the very nice words :)
Sold JC Pack to a very nice Paladin! :)
Great service got my pack sooner than she originally said it would be done :D #1!
Just Curious how much a Tailoring Kit would go for, at work i would check to see if you were on, Thank you much ahead of time! :)
I'll price one out in the morning.. I'm pretty tired right now, but I'll send you an in-game mail with the info :)
I can do the Tailoring Kit for 17k. Let me know if you're interested!
I would love to buy a BS kit, but I'm on hordeside :/
Im looking for a Blacksmith Kit 1-375, let me know price and if its possible. Thank you.
04/01/2013 02:47 AMPosted by Maz
Great service got my pack sooner than she originally said it would be done :D #1!

hi maz

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