5.3 pvp gear no longer has Resil

Thank you for making a new thread. I'd love to discuss it here instead of in the other 3 threads made in the last hour
Title is incorrect; this is a fine change.

They did multiple things all at the same time:

- Globally increased survivability in PvP
- Made it easier to gear alts
- Reduced the already-low incentive to use PvE gear in PvP
- Completely removed the gear disparity between players that have been playing for a similar duration at different skill levels
- Made PvP much more based on skill rather than gear

In short, they addressed all of the issues we've been complaining about for years in one patch.
There is still incentive to get PvP gear as it offers PvP power still, as far as I'm aware.

It however addresses all major issues with competitive PvP and barriers to entry, which were big problems.

I am pretty sure people just read the first line that resilience no longer exists and started running around the room screaming. If people took a look at all of the changes and figured out how they interact with the game itself, they would realize that this is probably the best change they have ever done to PvP.

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