(DONE)WTT Spawn of G'nathus

Pet Battles
I have a Spawn of G'nathus and interested in trading for:

•Spectral Porcupette (lvl 15+)
•Mountain Panda
•Sunfur Panda
•Sand Scarab (TCG)
•Purple Puffer (TCG)
•Azure Whelpling
•Crimson Whelpling
•Hyacinth Macaw

•Flawless Battle Stone

I can get to any US server (Alli or Horde)
I can trade you a sand scarab for the spawn. My battle tag is Vasala#1465. My main server is Baelgun on the horde side but I can make an alt on your server / faction if that is preferable.
Just sent you a friend request. Already created a character on your server with the same name. :)
Spawn has been traded. Thanks.
Yep thanks. Still have not been able to get people interested in grouping to farm it heh.

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