Pet Battles
What is everyone's favorite/most used undead pet?
I like the Stitched Pup, because he's an undead doggie just like me. <3
I use my Scourged Whelpling a lot. 1800 health, every attack does 375 damage and 100 healing, and gets two free attacks after death.
Fungal Abomination or whatever it's called. Not really for battle or anything, I just think it looks funny.
Lil KT.

He is way cool plus has some nice easter eggs if you take him to Naxx
My Restless Shadeling was one of the first pets I leveled to 25 so I like him for sentimental reasons, plus he got me through a lot of the initial tamer quests. Lately I'm favouring my Spirit Crab though.
Lil Kt is my favorite.
I can't say Mr. Bigglesworth is the most fantastic pet ever or anything... But I use him all the time because I am stupidly happy he's mine. After years of yelling at DPS not to kill the cat, your tank loves him, he's finally in my stables and safe from their evil machinations.
Landros lichling is my fav. Same exact thing as lil kt but a rare from tcg lol,
Ghost Crab. It's one of those pets with no 'weak spot'. It can take enormous punishment and dish out damage relentlessly. It may not win every battle, but it rarely loses any.
I like many of the undead, which is why I have almost all of them at 25 now. But I do really like Frosty the most.
i really like Infected Squirrels. their excellent power stat is converted into healing, and foes should fear the vulnerability from their Stampede.

my favorite thing about Infected Squirrels though is aesthetic. often times i'm forced to leave the blighted grounds of northern eastern kingdoms, and when i do, i get homesick. this little guy adds ambient flavor to the land of the living.
Vampiric Batling
I personally have a poor taste for undead pets. I could guess my Shadeling is rather nice.
Like another poster I'm partial to my Mr. B's (I have the full set of 3) due to the fact that they are undead but still look like a Siamese kitty.
Vampiric Batling
If ever there was a pet that needs to get beaten severely with a nerf bat...
I like the Lost of Lordaeron ghost thingy.
I love my Fossilized Hatchling, aka Minion of Svelis (my DK)

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