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I have been sending scrolls to more than 10 people who requested for a scroll but not even 1 of them accepted it yet? every time i check the SOR history but nothing is there.

so i want to know, where is the problem from?
am i the one who is sending the scrolls the wrong way?

from what i understood from the tutorial video, you can send by ingame and battle.net account right?

so by ingame i can simply send a scroll by typing in the users email right?
and by B.net account i can send by typing the name of the character i'm sending and the server, and the other is also by email and the receivers B.net account name right?

if i am doing something wrong then please tell me, because i have been waiting for more than 3 day and still no one accepted a scroll from me.
It could be those people have just not checked their e-mail. I would suggest that if you're looking for someone to accept a SoR so you can get the mount check out the sticky up top there are almost always people looking for one up there :)
I did try the scroll request forum sweetie :)
i'm just not sure if the people i'm sending the scrolls to did receive it or not and that's why i'm kinda worried, to think that all this time I've been sending nothing XD
Fair enough, Alandremae.

What might be happening is simply bad luck. There are many, many players both requesting and granting SoR's, and you simply might be moments behind one or another players.

Keep trying, and I'm sure you have a hit soon. I cannot personally see anything incorrect with your approach, but that may well be my inexperience.
I've sent several and never had any issues. All of mine were sent through Battle.net to Charactername@Reallmname
All the ones I sent were to the ingame name/server. About half were accepted.

Reasons why you may not get a response:

1. SoR emails are sent to the email address associated with the battle.net account. This address is used by Blizz for eligibility authentication. If they gave you a different email address or no longer check the address associated with the bnet account, it'll fail eligibility.

2. If they've played since March 4, 2011, they are not eligible.

3. Some folks won't resub until their 10 free days are up - and occasionally some will wait even longer.

4. If your account is not currently active, the SoR won't be sent.

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