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what spec, i know frost is the most viable at the end game but what about until i get my bomb
Arcane is pretty strong up to 70. While leveling, frost is the weakest I think. I could be wrong though. been a while since I leveled a mage. So please someone, correct me if I'm wrong.
Frost is the standard PvP spec (due to all the crowd control methods it has available), but those same CC spells make it a good choice for when you're questing solo where you don't have a tank to keep things from trying to eat you.

When questing through dungeon runs, arcane and fire both have their fanbase and it's really difficult to get a true idea of which one is better, damage wise. Depending on who you talk to you'll get a different answer. It also doesn't help such matters when for some level ranges fire does more damage and for other level ranges arcane does more, and this switch-off happens several times during the leveling process.

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