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Hi guys, was wondering if it possible to purchase virtual game time through the blizzard store. It clearly states that "THIS GAME TIME CAN ONLY BE USED FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT ACCOUNTS ON NORTH AMERICAN AND LATIN AMERICAN SERVERS."
The physical server is based in NA so does that mean it will be succesful?

There are no Australian based servers.
Absolutely you can and it's far more cost effective than buy game cards in retail stores too :)
And where would I find one of these, "Virtual Game Cards"?
First off - necro post (try to avoid this as it is frowned apon)

To answer your question, with the updates to the Blizzard Store, Game time can be purchased fron the following page

To get to the page from the Shop Home Page, you click on "Game Services" on the left hand side of the screen. You then click on "Game Time" under the World of Warcraft options.

Once on the game time screen, all you then need to do is select the amount of time you wish to purchase (30 / 90 / 180 days)

Physical 60 day time cards are still able to be purchased from EB Games stores in Australia as well (at least my local one still does).

EDIT: Once the purchase is complete, you can apply the time straight to your account or gift the "activation code" to another player.

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