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Having done Ji-Kun in normal as well as in LFR multiple times now I thought I'd make a quick comment in hopes to get some changes made to the fight.

When you zone into the newest LFR instance you are greeted with the smiling face of a giant turtle blocking your path. The fight is mostly intuitive in that you kill stuff and kill the boss. Probably avoid the blue circles on the ground and if you mess up the breath it doesn't wipe your raid.

The next boss is the great Hydra Meg. As long as someone understands the fights and your healers know how to use a couple raid CDs during the rage phase it's pretty much a walk in the park and one person leading you can get you through the fight.

The first two bosses are very reasonably tuned for LFR. Both do require your raid to pay attention somewhat and to try or else you can wipe. But there aren't any glaring issues out of control of your raid.

Ji-Kun on the other hand is in my "opinion" fairly heavily tuned above the other LFR fights to this point.

Egg platforms - If this falls even slightly behind and you get a few Juveniles in the air you are likely going to wipe as the 110k physical damage spikes when lined up with other abilities will start to kill your raid. This is probably the least of the issues with the fight however and if you were to leave something alone this would be it. LFR will get better at eggs as the patch drives on.

Quills - The first of two abilities that strike me as being overtuned for LFR. The ability does a total of 480,000 Physical damage to each member of the raid. Couple this with the green pools on the ground (If your tanks don't manage to soak many) and I've watched multiple LFRs wipe to this ability even with 2-3 stacks of the buff. It gets even worse if a few juveniles are in the air. I would recommend reducing the damage on this by about 15% or reducing the number of tics by 1-2.

Downdraft - This ability will reliably knock half your raid off the platform and leave them spinning back up to the top. Due to lack of a voice communication system, and not everyone using boss mods you will see a lot of raids wipe due to healers being pushed off. Or watch DPS die as quills go off while they are still spinning their way back up. The green pools on the ground do damage to you as well as you go through and in some ways you almost want to jump off the platform to avoid that damage. One of two things could be done for this ability. You could reduce the pushback time by a few seconds making it 5 or so. The other option would simply be to reduce the speed at which it pushes you back. Even with movement speed to boots, and a stampeding roar you are still pushed slightly back as you are running against the wind. Without one or both of these you fly backwards even when trying to run against it.

I think the fights in this tier come out as some of the best ones yet. But I think in view of LFR levels of tuning this fight does offer a real challenge to your casual player.
I think it's wipeable, unlike most LFR bosses where that really should never happen, but it's a blast and actually a pretty good teaching tool for the normal nest mechanic.
Yah I have no issues with the fight myself. But Having just led my third group through a kill. Absolutely no one had done the boss before and if I hadn't sat for 5minutes to explain how to do the fight and adjust groups and jobs as we wiped twice then I could see that group wiping 8-10 times and having 3-5 people drop each time >.< Just not a good experience for the target audience is all.
Ji-kun is a fight where it makes you pay attention and at half of the raid finished by now, this is needed. People cannot stand there and shoot the pretty bird. Some people need to kill the babies, which are fine. Once you tell people to actually do that, the eggs aren't even an issue.

Quills aren't really that bad if people understand they have skills to avoid at least half of this spell. Healers can easily heal it if people aren't being stupid and standing in the puddles.

Downdraft is a learn-on-the-go thing. People aren't going to understand how quick it is the first time. They need to see it and get a feel of how they can personally avoid it. The easiest damn thing you can do is make sure everyone gets a feather and then just fly over the Downdraft.

Eventually, people will learn and have to get better. I don't think we need to forget that LFR is suppose to help people become better raiders by dumbing down fights further and further.
Garalon effect

It requires 1 or 2 players to do something beyond patchwerk the boss.

I did 100% of the damage to birds on my LFR clear this week, and it was a clean kill.
Me and a healer from my guild did all the nests this week and iit went fine.
Ji-Kun to me seems like the perfect LFR boss. Only requires a few people to know what theyre doing and teaches the nest part for normal. For those who only run LFR and want somewhat a challenge they probably like it too.
Killed it in one go. I'm not sure how this is very difficult. =\
You need 2-4 people to know the fight...

So yeah for LFR it is overtuned i guess
it's very easy if you have a "fly team" who knows what they are doing.

everyone else can go patchwerk mode, and you can still kill it.
Just like garalon, all you need is a couple competent people.
Grab 2-3 dps and 1 healer to fly for the full time and they'll win the fight for you.
The reason I made this post isn't because it's unkillable (I've killed it all three times) but because the level of difficulty on this boss is probably twice what almost every other LFR boss to this point is. It's almost the same level as pre-nerf Garalon (from the first week).
Just like garalon, all you need is a couple competent people.
Grab 2-3 dps and 1 healer to fly for the full time and they'll win the fight for you.

And they nerfed Garalon for LFR precisely because of this issue.

There's a big difference between the majority of fights in LFR and Ji-Kun/prenerf Garalon. In the majority of your LFR fights, if you have a couple people who know the fights and know hw to do it the fight becomes a lot easier. In prenerf Garalon/Ji-Kun, if you don't have those few people who know what they're doin it'll be a wipe each and every time, up until the point that your determination stacks get so high you can roflstomp your way through it. That's not a good way for an LFR to work.
Permanent charges of flight is all the easy this fight needs imo.

2 people doing something out of 25 is an issue.
Ji-Kun is quite an interesting fight. It took the group I was in about two attempts to get it. It was still a close fight and quite enjoyable. The strat we used for it:

1) Have a few people jump down and kill Eggs, but ignore top platforms.

2) Intercept feed for damage buff

3) Have at least 2/3 people absorbing green goo to leave space on platform.

The push did catch people by surprise at first. People did get the hang of it on the second attempt. Just gotta watch your positioning. Making sure you are close enough to jump off when you need too but far enough to not get pushed will take a bit of getting used too.

Overall it's a great fight even if the mechanics are a bit confusing on the first run. I think that's really important to keep in mind as well, it's the first week. Over time people will learn this boss. I bet you'll see a major improvement when you go for a kill next week.
Send an unholy dk up to solo all the birds after ignoring 10 platforms.
I almost soloed the nests lower nests and one egg in the upper nests as a mistweaver. If I'd timed it better so I'd have a food buff for stuff, I would've destroyed them. Two half-competent people and it's a joke. This isn't even close to Garalon or even Elegon (lol goodbye half the raid when the floor first drops!).
Blizzard has stated in the past however that LFR is not a place to Learn how to raid. It is supposed to be an opportunity for everyone in the game who is so inclined to experience the raiding content. It's something that doesn't need to be scheduled and is easy for the player who plays a couple hours a week to hop on and see it. If you only have two hours to play then the boss shouldn't be so hard as to push you over those two hours.

Something to remember is that the target audience for LFR is the "casual" player who only squeaks out 50-75% of the effectiveness of their class.
This is perhaps easier than Garalon: If you've got your fly team (or fly solo like Asane) then you win. With Garalon, you can have a pheromone team but get cockblocked by people taking pheromones off you.

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