[H] <Exillium> 15/16 & 2/12


Current Progression

MV: 6/6
HoF: 6/6
ToES: 4/4

ToT: 4/12

About Us:
The core of our guild have experience raiding at high levels of progression and have raided together on/off for 5+ years. As such we are very comfortable with each other and have no issues calling each other out and jumping on issues that need to be remedied to further our progression. If you can't stand constructive criticism, harsh language, and sand eaters, this is not the guild for you. Our goal is to maintain a high level of progression while maintaining a low amount of raid nights. Guild provides repairs, enchants, gems, flasks, pots, and food for all raids.

About You:
Must be 495+ ilvl
Hardcore mentality during raids. Complete jackass outside of raids. We need you to be focused and ready for raids. This means that you contribute to the guild bank (as flasks, potions, enchants, etc.) are given freely to raiders and you do LFR weekly to better yourself outside of raids. We want dedicated raiders who not only understand but expect to wipe over and over during progression. If you can't take wiping, do not apply. During raids you need to understand that your personal role is what will make or break a kill. If you can not dispel, move out of bad things, or cannot multitask, then this is probably not the guild for you.

Currently Recruiting:

Tank - would prefer a non-plate tank, but if you are geared/skilled please apply anyways. We can and likely will use you.

DPS - Shadow Priest
Please no more hunters unless you are exceptionally geared/skilled.

Healer - Smite Priest - ANY Class welcome to apply. We need a few solid healers asap.

Again, if you are an exceptional player and can prove that you have what it takes to outperform players with a higher ilvl please apply. We know that while gear helps it does not make the player.

Current Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm (EST)

If you are interested toss up an app at: http://exillium.guildportal.com
If you have questions please contact: Draculla, Zandeya, Themoon, or Benile.

Updated 4/9
Le bump.
Edited for clarification. IE: No more hunters please.
bump a lump
Updated recruiting needs. WTB solid heals.
Need smite priest ASAP guaranteed core spot!
Exillium is once again recruiting. We are now 9/12 in ToT. Immediate needs are 1 healer (prefer monk/shaman) and 1 OT. Contact any of our members in game for more details.

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