Questions about Lightspring/Lightwell

I'm picking up Holy spec again, and I have some questions about how Lightspring/Lightwell works. Please help me out.

1. Can PvE mobs/boss kill the Lightspring?

I was in LFR tonight. There were a couple of cases where the Lightspring was gone, but my Lightspring spell was still on CD. I thought this would happen when its 15 charges were used up.

It was strange because I was in a really good group, that I was trying to find somebody to heal. I thought maybe I missed some big hits, but when I checked Recount, only 6 ticks of Lightspring Renew. So, the Lightspring was not used up when it disappeared.

Since these happened during Horridon and Council, and both fights had sand traps. I wonder if sand traps that spawn underneath the Lightspring would have killed it. Could that be possible?

2. The tooltip says, "...Attacks done to you equal to 30% of your total health will cancel the effect..."

In a heavy aoe damage phase, raid members are likely to be lower than 50% and healed by Lightspring. But it is also easy for me to get hit for 30% of my health within a short time. Does this mean in such a situation, Lightspring Renew would most likely not last the full duration?
1. If all the charges get used, it doesn't reset the CD. As far as I know, PvE mobs will not try to kill it.

2. Yes.
Mobs don't try to kill them, but on the odd occasion they can be hit by certain effects.
It's rare enough that I couldn't tell you which type of effect can destroy it.

The Lightwell Renew buff drops off the target when that player is hit for 30% of their health.
Thank you for the replies.

I was wondering whether or not to go for the next haste breakpoint for the extra tick on Lightsrping Renew, since I don't really use Renew and HW:Sanctuary in 25m. But now I don't think it's worth the trade off of losing mastery to get there.
I dropped one in a recent Raid and it was gone in a few seconds. If there is a lot for it to heal doesnt take long for it to be used up. I would say that it used all its charges.

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