Wheres the hub? (Rp-wise)

Oolaki wins! *Offers Clan Oolaki a spare hunter weapon that was just laying around*

<snatches the spare hunter weapon before the other members of Clan Oolaki realize that one of the Legion has made off with the goodies>

I think you are all missing the point here. New people come to the server that is saying, "Come look at us we are CRZ free" and neglecting to realize that means fewer people.

If you want rp it is here, but you have to join the chat channel and ask for it. Or look for people and attempt to rp with them. Out in the wilds is not a good idea for one reason, Usually when people are out in the wilds and not in the city they are farming for mats or questing to level. Not looking for rp.

That is the reason we need places where you can meet up with people. I like Shattrath, but it is a level 60 plus zone, so you might want to try making Redridge or Darkshire a hub. Heck even make it a different hub each week if you want people to go out into the world!

Want a neutral spot? Booty Bay or Ratchet are both good. I much prefer to stay close to my faction areas, but I am willing to mix it up if I don't have someone 30 levels higher one shotting me.
I have enjoyed Shattrath and Dalaran on other servers... for lower levels its as simple as getting a port to Shrine and setting your hearth there are portals to both there.
I think that there are a lot of fantastic places to RP in the game and I would be hesitant to name a certain location as an "RP Hub" and channel RPers there. I can see the benefits of that, but I would encourage people to just try and create RP wherever they happen to be. These small, random RP interactions are so much fun and they can really turn into some great adventures (PvP included!).

For the type of events where you have an agenda and are not open to PvP, I would recommend Sanctuaries. For example, Twilight Empire tends to host cross-faction events in Shattrath. Sure, we could host them in Nagrand, which is beautiful, but for our Anniversary Parties and other cross-faction events, we would prefer that people focus on the actual RP of the event and not have to worry about PvP. Similarly, TE hosts its meetings in Darnassus so that we're able to have a weekly event for the guild to gather together, RP a meeting, induct new members, and promote current members. Does this mean we hate PvP? Not at all! But that's not our goal during these times. Our goal is to RP through the meeting and provide an experience for people joining or being promoted in the guild.

We've also had dedicated RP-PvP events where we invite or expect Horde to ambush us. This adds a sense of immediacy to the RP and it's always a lot of fun!

Really, the place you RP depends on the type of RP you're going for. Yes, having events in Sanctuaries can take away the 'danger' of a PvP server, but that's because we want to focus on the RP. Yes, having regular gatherings at the Blue Recluse can be a bit routine, but it also provides a springboard to take RP elsewhere. Several guilds are hosting regular events and I would encourage you to check those out and support them. In turn, I think you'll find that they'll support you in your RP endeavors and events!
I could be really fun though to have some world RP that rotates every week. One week Alterac, one week Theramore, one week Stormgarde and so on...

If we're afraid of griefers we could just announce it in the /RP channel or on the Sanctum. Or better yet, just tell the RP officer for each guild and they will trickle down the info.
I doubt many RP guild like TE, Sentinels, Indelibles and so on have many griefers in their midst.... but those Gnomes are sneaky!
I came across this thread on World's End Tavern and I think it is true. If we really want more rpers here who are not going to back down from some pvp you have to remember it is not fun to be killed and camped for the lower level character. I came to an rp/pvp realm so I can have a story to go with my dying...well and do some smashing and face melting too...but I would not do it to those who are 5 levels lower much less 30 levels lower. That is just bullying, and I will not do it.


If we want more people here we have to be open and welcoming and actually rp with them and not just go about the stories you are already doing without letting anyone else in. Just my opinion. We get more people if we are actually out there and actively recruiting and joining the new guilds and rping with them!
Tol'Viron arena.

Gladiators only.
I wouldn't go so far as calling the Cantina a hub, but Coldstar does host an RP bar twice a week now. Sunday night bars are held at the Drunken Hozen in Dawn's Blossom (Jade Forest), while Tuesday night bars are held in Silvermoon City. We'd enjoy it if you came out to join us for a drink. ^^

I don't spend as much time online as I told myself I would when I was given guild lead forever ago, but I'm hoping to be more involved in RP and in the community as a whole soon.
I'm starting to play on this realm for the tight knit RP community on both factions. I usually play Horde elsewhere but decided to make two characters and take my time in questing/leveling to get a feel for the character's developing stories. So far I'm lvl 11 on my Forsaken Rogue and going to get started with my Gilnean Huntress soon.

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