Battle Stones for trade! Updated 3/26

Pet Battles
I have an extra
1x Sunfur Panda (lvl 1)
1x Mini Mindslayer (lvl 1)
1x Snowy Panda

and the following battle pet stones available.
3x Elemental
1x Undead
1x Mechanical
1x Aquatic
1x Beast

Not looking for your stones, only pets or gold. PM me at apricotjello#1975.

Thank you!
I'll give you a rare Proto-Drake Whelp (you only have common) for that flying stone.

sent u a request
My proto-drake whelp is rare, just updated my warcraft pets page. Sorry
everything is still available. I'm mainly looking for pets that I don't have yet.
I would like a combination of your pandas for my emerald whelp.

Thanks ^^
updated original list with new pets
i'd like to discuss trading for your spawn of g'nathus. i have several pets missing from your list. i should already be on you btag friends list - rakeling#1648
updated with less pets, same stones though :(

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