[H] 25-man - 3/12 ToT | 9:45 PM - Tues-Thurs

BOUND is currently seeking:
Monk - Mistweaver
Rogue - Any Spec
Shaman - Resto/Enhancement
... And, 1 or 2 baller DPS. Whatever brings the heat.

Reasons to join Bound:
1 - We are a group of experienced raiders on the rise on Zul'Jin.
2 - We have a great guild structure that has worked for us since we were established in 2009.
3 - Please visit our site about www.boundguild.com for all of the details.

Join the fun!
If you join Bound, you too can score 4 touchdowns in one game...
Still looking for quality players.
Oh hey there.
Hello all. First of all, I've been playing since BC and I just transferred to the server about 3 weeks ago to help a friend out. our recruitment has not been to good, so i am looking for a guild to raid with. I am a 509 ilvl elem/ 508 ilvl resto shamie; very good on both specs. I prefer dpsing but I can heal very well when needed. I do not want to faction change or server change. I am looking for a guild that does hard modes and needs a good shamie, 10/12 minimum. I'm in the military and I have 2 kids so will have duty every 4rth day, meaning I may not be available every 4rth day. I have ranked in current content both healing and dpsing. For any further information please whisper me in game or realid me at Pess#1965.
I've only recently joined up with Bound but I can say I really like what is happening here.
Still looking for quality players to tear up ToT.
Still recruiting quality players of all classes and specs.
Welcome to Zul'jin, Bound. Cheers from DiP!
Thanks mang! We're VERY happy with our move to Zul'jin.
Still recruiting quality players to progress through ToT.
Title should read 6/12 now......great time to get in on some kills
I'm Unclenota and I approve this message.

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