How much are these worth?

Pet Battles
Rare lv25 Ghostly Skull (1806 health, 276 attack power, 227 speed)
Rare lv25 Yellow Moth (1400 health, 341 attack power, 244 speed without flying racial -- hits like a monster)

Looking to possibly sell or trade off, but I'm collecting offers first. Please post in thread.
Can someone estimate please? I'm aware there is no "average market value," just looking for opinions.
They are both vendor-bought pets that were upgraded to rare and leveled to 25.
The ghostly skull is a bad !@# pet that is still a bit OP when combined with arcane winds or darkness.
Yellow moth is one you wouldn't think would be good since it has the abilities of a normal moth, but with its 341 attack power it is ungodly. It is vendor-bought but difficult to obtain the one that gets 341 attack power as most of them come with the wrong stat set. Moth was also upgraded.

tip: Mr Wiggles +50% hit chance buff plus Moth Balls.
Yellow moth by itself isn't worth anything. Rare it's just worth a flying stone.

Similar goes for ghostly skull, simply because they can be bought off the merchant. So you can trade each one for a stone if someone wants those pets in that rarity.

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