Is firelands soloable?

I'd like to know if Firelands would be soloable on a paladin. (obviously) Ret, prot, or holy it doesn't matter just curious if anyone has done it. Haven't been able to find any videos or anything of pallies soloing FL. On an extended note, what about HM firelands? Any thoughts, videos, or snide remarks are welcome.
Maybe by a Blood DK. Gut tells me no though.
Alysrazor is the only boss I have had luck with. I don't think it's possible either.
I was able to manage Beth'ilac, Shannox, and Alysrazor, with an 8% Baleroc wipe. Havent tried Rhyolith or Domo/Rag yet. Baleroc generally sucks due to his decimation blade and the fact that he refuses to cast Blaze of Glory (extra vengeance).
Aight well thanks for all the imput. I tried Beth myself actually last night with a poorly geared blood DK friend and we downed her. After 2manning that I can see how to solo it. As for the others yeah some mechanics seem like they would prevent much of anything.
Ragnaros would be really tough, if only because of the Sons of Flame. Not to mention the debuff, which I could probably handle....but it'd be dicey without an actual healer there to back me up. Really, really dicey. I've solo tanked him very easily but with no healer? Ehhh... Maybe a good ret could burst him down before the stacks got very high, I dunno. Again, all that aside the Sons of Flame seem like they'd be crazy to deal with solo as a melee. You'd have to pull some pretty serious Jedi !@#$ to make that happen, 'specially since as ret you ain't got Holy Wrath no more.
I know this is a necro but could a geared hunter (535 ilvl) solo firelands?
Only thing I can't solo is Rag worms. ;D

And atm, I can only do Alyzrazor on heroic, rest normal.
Guess I'll update since I have posted in this thread a while ago. I've been able to solo all of FL 10m, haven't tried 25m, as prot

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