[A] Herald of the Titans

Looking for a group to run with. Im gearing up currently but will be ready, Im sure before I can find and or start a group. If there is a group running that could use a priest disc/shadow or holy too.

If there are enough toons out there lookin for the title leave a post here or add Lovebombs#1730 I will start a group.
I just dinged 80 on this guy over the weekend, and I plan to gear him up/down for this achievement. Posting here to stay in the loop. Haven't chosen a spec yet.
Still no other takers to this point...any other Herald toons out there?
still working on a prot warrior for it, unfortunately, he's only 75.
Im down to do it on this shaman. dps or heals. adequately geared for either
I have just started a rogue to work toward this achievement, as well as have a collection method for junkboxes for 'the Insane' I'll be running said rogue through for gearing purposes as soon as I hit 80, which should take about another week. I'll keep monitoring this thread as I progress.
I'm tagging this. I am gearing my old hunter for this achievement. I was in the process of it back when ulduar was released and had to stop for rl concerns. I'm very interested in getting this finally.
Thanks for the replies Im still looking for more people to get the group going. Keep posting your interests and when we get a small core we can get somethin rollin.
I have a fully geared prot warrior. Would love to finally get this done.

my battle tag is palepale#1229 feel free to add me!
I have an 80 Warlock or an 80 Monk that I can bring to do Herald. Daystar#1544
hit me up if need a hunter, matthew#1161
I'm working on this toon as my herald toon. I'd love to finally do this so I can start leveling again.
Add Bstark#1896

Discipline Priest who wants to get the gear for Herald. :D
I'd also like to take part in this. I have gear set up for Healing and DPS'ing. I just have a couple more slots to replace and I'll be all set.

All thats left to do is to power lvl zerg a couple professions (ugh).
Im willing to run on this priest, has decent healing gear, but im willing to go shadow if needed

I'll help you with herald when they pull argent defender and immortal back in.
i'm geared and ready to go at reset if you're still looking for people to do it, i hear you can do it with as little as 7 level 80's as long as they're geared and you understand the fight.


Edit: Windwalker/Brewmaster monk btw, (tank/dps) fully geared and enchanted.
I have a dk I would be interested in doing this on. What is the item level requirements though? I might need to gear up a little. Add my battletag DLM#1153
This char has most of the gear needed to dps, tank, or heal. Trying to find an Ulduar 10/25 run to snag other gear to fill in pieces; maxxed professions.
Add battletag Robka#1455 and I'll keep on completing gear.
Still working on my gear but if u just need a dps I'll gladly join. I did Algalon back when it was current content, so I know the fight mechanics very well, i.e, I won't die and will provide the needed damage for the fight.

With cata food and flask the dps requirement becomes a joke anyways.


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