Guild switch now app won't work.

Mobile Bug Report
I switched guilds on a few toons and ever since I cannot log into gchat on those toons. The app has recognized I am in a new guild but gives a connection error each attempt. I am still able to log into gchat on other toons that have not recently switched guilds. I also know other guild members have expletives the same issue and some have not. I have an iPhone, there does not seem to be a pattern in regards to phone type.
Experienced* no idea how my iPhone autocorrected to that.
same issue here, only shows updated guild on my character profile not in the menu or under guild chat , all other functions seem to be functioning. Changed guilds about 48hrs ago
same thing here idk whats goin on with it
This is an ongoing bug with the way guild updates are cached. It requires a realm restart before it will update on the Mobile Armory. This bug is not a simple fix and has been active for as long as guild services have existed.

I entered the bug myself a long long time ago in a solar system here -- this solar system. And long long time ago is relative. Is that copyrighted? I can say long long time ago? How about long long long long long long time ergo? Ho, now we're getting all philosophical like. Am I me or perhaps I'm waiting for reality to cache my guild change. We will never know. But we do know that we are we -- or rather you are you. Are you? I know I am!

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