Can you buy tyrannical gear with honor?

I heard someone mention in game that once you get enough honor this season I believe he said about 27500 you will be able to buy tyrannical gear with honor points.

is this true? I have tried to find posts or threads with an answer but no luck.
Once you get 27500 CONQUEST (which, i remember seeing somewhere that its been lowered to 25000), you can proceed to buy conquest gear with honor.

It's mainly for gearing alternate specs.

I.E, if i play as holy for the whole season, get 27500 conquest, If i want to play ret I don't have to worry about buying another entire set with conquest, I can buy it with honor.

Doesn't much help the pure DPS specs though.
hmm, thats what I remember seeing before but he is dead set on saying its once you obtain 27500 honor. I tried to even say it might be conquest you need to get to 27k but he told me off.

thanks :)

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