Hunter & Disc Priest LF guild

Hey potential bosses :)

So, Myself and Aizlyn are both looking for a raiding guild to join - prefer 10man but willing to compromise. We are unfortunately a pair - yup, I know everyone hates that. It sucks for us just as much. This is why I am posting a LF guild thread rather than just searching and applying myself. This way we both get what we want, both meaning US and YOU.

We are very experienced raiders - been raiding on this server since BC - at a competitive level, always playing these toons and specs. We do also know how to play all of our alts to their fullest extent. We have been both officers and Raid leader (Barrowwind) of guilds so we know what we need to do to compete and represent a guild at all levels. We are not necessarily looking for the best, most heroically awesome guild on the server - although we very much can keep up with that level. We just want to raid together. We are both mature and very much like to have a laugh and a joke at a mature level. (Yes, this means we swear, and are sometimes crude)

Our current gear and experience of MoP is not the best - but our experience in raiding in itself is not matched by many. Obviously, we would be be prepared and ready to go - knowing the boss mechanics and anything else that is needed before we even touched a raid. Our gear levels are 471 hunter and 477 priest and we are running as many Heroics and LFR's as possible. We have only been level 90 for 36 hours.

If you have an opening for us - let us know via this post or ingame whisper/mail on nagrand. I'll make an alt and talk on your server if needed to answer any questions/concerns. we are more than happy to apply if you wish this of us - no issues there

Note - We are looking for a HOME - somewhere to be involved and welcomed and wanted on all levels - for a long time. We are unguilded atm due to personal reasons that need not be discussed here on forums, but if potential guilds would like to know why - we can explain in full all previous guilds and reason for leaving ( nothing interesting 90% of them were just dying over time )

Have fun all.

TLDR - Hunter 471 - Priest Disc 477 - LF raiding guild. Package deal. (In all honesty though, if you only read this I wouldn't bother, cause we won't fit in.)

Has the hunter got another character her can play?

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