[A] Casual Raiding Guild

Hey guys, I was wondering if there are any Alliance guilds out there that do casual raiding. I was hoping for 10 man Normals, I figure that's the easiest it can get (except for LFR which I've done and has been my first look at raiding, it's gotten me interested in real raiding but doesn't quite do it for me itself).

So if anyone knows of any guilds that would be recruiting a Resto Shaman for those kinds of raids, please let me know!! I'd also consider a faction change if Garrosh only has Horde guilds that have what I'm looking for.

Hey Omm,

Dark Guardians is a casual small family/friendly guild that raids Friday and Saturday evenings from 8-11 PM ST. We are currently getting a few more geared before stepping into ToT, so at the moment our raids consist of MV, HOF and Terrace. If you interested, contact myself, Camari, Bromforge or Starletta for more information.

Best of luck!

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