Rate my setup.

Hey guys, I am yet another ret player. I was just curious to see what the general opinion is on my gear/gems/etc from a purely technical standpoint. I'm looking for ways to improve my damage output and appreciate any thoughts.

I feel like I have too much mastery, as my hand of light is outpacing my TV in damage, and I use TV like crazy.
No such thing as "too much mastery," and bear in mind that Hand of Light procs off more than just TV. Your weapon enchant isn't that good, but it's am minor concern what with the new tier open and all. Personally, I'd change the Etched purple gem to a Lightning green, and the Fierce orange you have in a yellow socket on your belt to a proper Quick yellow for some more haste.

Only real complaint about your setup is that you're using Harsh Words; it's a pretty sever DPS loss as early as 81, I think, once we get mastery and weapons with a high enough top-end to compensate for Harsh Words being able to ignore mob armor.
You can never have too much mastery. Remember: Hand of Light's damage comes from TV, CS, and HoW (and HotR and Divine Storm if you used them that fight) combined, so it will do a large chunk of your damage.

Unless crit is simming higher for you than mastery, you shouldn't be reforging into crit. If that's not the case, you should fix your crit reforges. Other than that, I don't see any issues with your gear (unless you want to spend the gold on Dancing Steel for your weapon).
Yea, my guild is in normal ToT now, so I don't wanna waste the gold on the dancing steel until I get a 522 weapon. As far as harsh words... I put that one in simply for the hell of it because I couldn't really think of anything else to stick in that spot for glyphs. I'm open to suggestion.

I guess I'm not really sure which would be better as far as crit vs mastery... I was using noxxic as my guide, and that one places them on equal footing. HoL is almost always my top source of damage, so I feel like I have enough mastery... but I do wish I would crit more often.
I generally use Mass Exorcism as my third glyph. Double Jeopardy is recommended a lot too, but it requires a bit more effort to use properly.
Haste and mastery are so much better than crit. Personally i never reforge out or haste/mastery because mastery is at times my top dps and why would i want to reforge out of it as for haste well shorter gcd/cds are always nice. As for glyphs only Templar's verdict is a necessity and you seem to be gemming correctly.

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