lvl50 bgs a joke


And, more often than not, ninety percent of the Warriors that rush to the defense of shield slam have either

1. Not stepped into a low level battleground in a long time.

2. Or are secretly abusing the hell out of shield slam on their twinks.

Quite honestly, I think Blizzard grossly overbuffs and overnerfs things in this game just so the Devs can have interesting drama to read while on their lunch break.
How is the Prot War on 90's BG? I mean, he's still just for FC? Or he can do some nice damage?
Shield slam balances out at 90 quite nicely.
They make great flag carriers, and can do a decent bit of damage if they know their class.

...And that's why they don't want Blizzard to touch it.
I've yet to have anything but a better geared spriest beat me on damage/kills in a lowbie bg.

Shield slam hurts, but isn't the most imbalanced thing in lowbie bgs.
Yeah, my problem with Arms is that I don't got the change set to use defensive shields cooldowns.
So that why I wanna know how is Prot on 90.
Wow, looks like my thread caused a volatile response.

I see lots of stuff that I could respond to, but I only really have 2 comments.

To those raging up saying "crymoar low level bgs aren't meant to be balanced"

I understand that balance is hard to achieve. I'm not asking for complete balance, but these BGs should at least be FUN. At the moment they are not fun at all.

And to those to saying "crymoar you have chaos bolt and all classes are OP at some stage"

Yes all toons have their ups and downs. And yes I have chaos bolt (well, not really since I am not speced for it). BUT, I don't have chaos bolt PLUS a massive HP pool, and I'm not running around in plate armor or charging around with instant charge/stuns. You have all those things (except obviously replace chaos bolt with shield slam, not to mention you hard hitter is spammable and pretty much instant).

You OPness at this level is still unjustifiable. BGs not fun at all, now all I want to do is get to max level but now it's ruined because it feels like a chore/obligation. Fun pvp gone from levelling now.
Yeah, right now you still have to have a pretty high tolerance to level even partially through PvP like I am now. Even with 3 different types of defensive Cd's and Selfless healer the chance of me beating a warrior is still about less than 50%. I even switched to Harsh words as my Holy Power spending attack because it isn't mitigated by their huge amounts of armor like TV and will only be reduced my Resil. It's kind of sad that a melee class is forced to kite. But you know.... I rarely lose 1v1, unless it's a damn good Warlock. Either way, SS needs a scaling fix
The point is - what can we do about it?


That's not warrior defending anything. Bliz doesn't balance off class forums so WHY are you telling us about it??

Bottom line - waste of time posting about something we can't change. It ONLY serves to start arguments and that's it.

Class forums, and this is for all classes, is a place for a certain class to discuss things pertaining to them - gearing, macros, etc. So posts like this serve zero purpose but to start crap.
You can spend a few hours and just level past the imbalanced as hell pvp tiers (anything before 90). Plus pvping at 90 nets you the most honor and is what the game is balanced around.

And hey, charge -> shield slam -> revenge = skillz.. lol

And if they live past that a dragon roar can occur and then hop back and do it all over agian, lol.
Making low level BG's enjoyable would be inconstant with the experience of lvl 90 BG's.
It only makes sense to leave them as broken as possible otherwise it would set up
players with unreasonably high expectations once they hit max level.

Gotta keep the level of disappointment as steady as possible throughout the leveling experience.

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