Looking to raid on your server

I have a 490 DPS Monk and a 485 Pally Tank looking to raid

I'm on the gold coast!

My raid times can be mon and tuesday 3 pm til whenever,
Wednesday and thursday any time
Friday saturday 3pm til whenever

know most fights and would like to do any content
Willing to try out some guild before joining so we get the feel of each other

Battle tag me :) BrendanL#1654
Yes we fight dinosaurs with lasers.

Dinosaur Laser Fight is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild looking for an experienced players to join our core 10 man team.

Current Classes in High Demand
Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
Elemental Shaman

Even though you do not see your class on this list all. Please still apply all applications will be taken into consideration.

Monday 9:00 pm - 12 am PST
Tuesday 9:00 pm - 12 am PST
Wednesday 9:00 pm - 12 am PST
Thursday 9:00 pm - 12 am PST

Loot System:
Loot Council

We are a 10 man raiding guild with a tight knit core. If you are interested in please contact Starblacksan (Starblacks#1796) or Ellipse. You can also apply directly at dinosaurlf.guildlaunch.com

Thank you,

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