pve item upgrades coming back

Don't worry, Datah will save us with his twittering skillz.
rets will go for STR over pvp power mainly cause of how sword of light works: you get spell power from attack power, meaning bigger heals/absorbs the more AP you have, pvp power doesnt modify this value. and the benefit to heals from pvp power, is only 25% for hybrids.

pvp power isnt bad, but raw strength is worth a *lot*. I dont think losing a bit of pvp power compares to gaining like, 1000 strength with pve pieces.
All gear will be scaled down to 496 in arenas and rbgs now so people can chill out.
All gear will be scaled down to 496 in arenas and rbgs now so people can chill out.

Doesn't solve the worldpvp issue... why should someone who pvp's be at a disadvantage to someone who raids?

the ONLY thing I can kinda hope is that pvp power will matter enough that those in pve gear wont be able to do much damage... but yeah, it's still a cause for concern.
it also says Resilience has been removed from MOST PVP gear.

so with that you can still get more resil from gear and gems.

yes pve will have better tier sets but also all ilvl's will be brought down to 496 ilvl in rated/random games. so pve you lose ALOT of stats with that.

trinkets will also lose alot of stats from the ilvl drop. will they be better then pvp trinkets??? who knows we will find out when 5.3 comes on the ptr. i personally cant wait to see how this works out. im sure it wont work out to well....but from a certin perspective this actually can be a good thing....i think? O.o

now Wpvp is totally a different subject because there is no ilvl drop so people in full heroic pve gear will almost kill any pvper.

Edit: Ra pe was bleeped...and i dont really like bleeps so i replaced it with kill :P

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