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Pet Battles
I never am a person to come on WOW forums to QQ, but it has come to the point where Blizz has taken it too far. Why in the world did Blizz need to mess with some of the pets abilities. Do not give me this some where OP. If a player is having difficulties fighting another pet, it should just make you think more, and stratagize a set of pets to beat the other players. When I got my behind handed to me, I got mad yes, but it made me work harder. I would find a way to beat that person. There was never a pet undefeatable! Any pet could be beaten with the right combo of pets and spells. Not only does Blizz go and change everything around making our pets weaker, they allow NPC pets to stay the same (seems like a lil more powerful) and no changes to them! It took me a while to study the moves of the Panda battle master moves coming up with the perfect combo of spells and pets. Now everything is all kinds of messed up because I am no longer doing the same amount of damage I did before. I love challenges, and working harder torse my goal, but seriously Blizz just keeps making everything easier for players that QQ cause they do not want to work hard torse a goal. Than Blizz goes and messes up a perfectly good thing that was working right and never needed to be changed. Thank you Blizz for keeping your NPC tamers the same power and bringing us down!
If you don't understand why powers like reflection or pets like FFF were changed there won't be much help for you in these parts. And if you are having trouble with pve you still have much work to do.

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