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Meep: That nation look awesome! I really like the whole Auchindoun alliance thing you have going, I'm fine with you're Undead army aswell, I get the feeling you wont be godmodding any time soon.

You know me Zorbak. I'd sooner make internal conflicts dissolve half of Auchindoun, and violent economic failure destroy the other half, before I'd godmode a fly! Thanks. I'm excited to play this nation out. :D And I'm going to love all you big shots playing your huge military nations and movements and research. I can't wait.

Also hey Lia! -waves- Looks like we might see each other soon, as we share (or will eventually share) a border! :)
I regret having to type this all from a phone; alas my hard drive is fried, explaining why my application was substandard. Hope to fix it by Sunday.
Quick question: what are the exact dimensions of the Inland Sea? I'm sort of picturing it as something that takes up most of the central and eastern part of Zangarmarsh, starting at the Coilfang Reservoir, extending to Zabra'Jin, cutting east across where the road used to be until it reaches Umbrafen Lake, and then extending to a bit north of Telredor, leaving a narrow strip of land from the eastern entrance to the Blade's Edge Mountains that encompasses the Cenarion Refuge and the entrance to Terrokkar. The Nagrand part would extend down to the Ring of Trials and go west until it reached Garadar.

Is that at all accurate?
Yeah, I'd say that's about right, I'll probably add that to the description, but it also (Through the power of creative licensing) Connects via a large river to the Nagrand lakes (Which have also widened some).

You know me Zorbak. I'd sooner make internal conflicts dissolve half of Auchindoun, and violent economic failure destroy the other half, before I'd godmode a fly! Thanks. I'm excited to play this nation out. :D And I'm going to love all you big shots playing your huge military nations and movements and research. I can't wait.

Also hey Lia! -waves- Looks like we might see each other soon, as we share (or will eventually share) a border! :)

Yeah, I'll be watching everyone from the shadows, I'm going to be the instigator type, get the big bads to do the work for me. Mwahaha

We'll see how your cult fares against my cult.

Edit: And to further answer your question Ein, yes that's correct, however the river that connects Terrokar and Nagrand doesn't completely cover the path leading from Nagrand into Terrokar. Overland travel between the regions are possible.
So how will tech be handled, and do we get to pick a couple of starting technologies?
I think research is going to be player handled. It's not like any of the nations in the game currently need to research anything basic like fire, so instead research is going to be for special projects. For example if you want some new type of ship, you'd research it for a while first. I'll be monitoring everything so i'll step in if someone's getting out of hand.
Lia: Great sign up, but I do have a small recommendation maybe split your Demon Hunters into Novices and Masters? I feel like your Demon Hunters should start with a small amount, maybe 100, and that after a few battles you upgrade the Novices to Masters and bring in more novices? Just so you have a sturdy melee force, while preserving the few and proud feel of Demon Hunters.

Oh yes, of course.

Everything up there I plan to just slowly make over time. Like I wont have any Elite units yet, they will come later on.

I'll start wit 100, and then work my way up.
Oh, Ein, I just noticed your territory would include where I'm situated, no? (The grounds and fortress, that is)
Name: Haven

Government Type: Republic/Oligarchy/Mafia

Leaders/Important People:
Mogul Stitches
Mogul Ziri
Mogul Vitriol
Mogul Graz
Mogul Gert
The Crow, leader of the Band of Blades
William of the Red Brotherhood

Capitol: Haven (formerly Halaa)

Race(s): Any and all willing to sign the numerous contracts are allowed to settle under goblin supervision.

“Haven” is a rather misleading term for the den of crime, murder and hatred that has grown from the former battleground of Halaa in verdant Nagrand. Hundreds of interlocking ghettos surround the central plateau, the insanity of their placement the work of hundreds of contracted goblin 'city planners'.

The hands of the Moguls are felt along every inch of society, from the multitudes of contracts that each person signs as a citizen to the bloody business rivalries that often leave portions of the settlements on fire or under threat of catching fire. And the constant flipping of alliances as the Moguls seek to gain the advantage leaves the common citizens largely unable to foresee any possible threats.

Those few lucky, or unfortunate, enough to not have the protection of a Mogul instead must seek the aid of one of the many flourishing mercenary companies which supply the most elite forces for the growing state. Even here they are not particularly safe as the Moguls make certain to provide for and encourage the hatred and rivalries of the major groups so that none could move against the goblins themselves.

Overall Population: 21,600 est.
Growth: Steady- 8%

Overall Military: 4023
Band of Blades- Visibility: Known Presence: Strong
[M. Inf] Blades- 1170 (Base Growth- 20 Bonus: 50)
As with most of the company, the blades are groups of light infantry trained in ways 'not dissimilar to bandits'. Garbed in darkened leather and lightly armed with a short spear and blade.
[R. Inf] Shadows- 300 (Base Growth- 20 Bonus: 30)
Shadows are trained assassins, better at finding and eliminating a target then trying to get arrows flying in number. They are armed with a shortbow, wearing the same armour as the blades
[M. Inf- Elite] The Murder- 68 (Base Growth- 0)
The Crow's elite, and arguably the best soldiers in Haven. Each of the warriors is armed with a longsword, multiple daggers as well as a large deal of weighted knives.
Red Brotherhood- Visibility: Known Presence: Weak
[M. Inf] Brothers- 637 (Base Growth- 20 Bonus: 10)
Heavy infantry garbed in mail and protected by a heavy shield.
[H Cavalry] Knights- 168 (Base Growth- 10 Bonus: 0)
The heavily armoured veterans of the brotherhood, armed with the heavy spear of their profession as well as a long blade.
[Caster] Red Priests- 130 (Base Growth- 20 Bonus: 10)
Red Priests are the clerical arm of the brotherhood, preaching to the downtrodden the grace of the Light. That the same powers gained through the Light are also used to fight is at most a happy coincidence.
Co. Forces-
[M. Inf] Co. Guard- 1550 (Base Growth: 50)
Representing the various underpaid security groups, failed mercenary companies, and general thugs; the Co. Guard is an organisation split between the Moguls, rendered too weak to spread the goblin's influence beyond the city of Haven

Lands: Halaa, Nagrand
Player: Dyskrasia
Name of Nation: Arakkoa Empire
Government Type: Theocracy
Leaders/Important people:

Talonpriest Skrazzek(High priest of the arakkoa)
Talonpriest Seekkaw(Deputy to the high priest and commander of all arakkoan military forces)
Gakkaw(Leader of the Ravenguard)
High Mage Reskrea(Leader of the Shadowmagi)
Akkaah the Prophet(Leader of the Oracles)
Ranger Ovaakk(Leader of the Kaliri Warriors)

Capital: Skettis
Race: Arakkoa

History Description: One of Draenor's oldest races, the arakkoa have inhabited the planet for as long as anyone can remember. It's said that the city of Skettis was built by Terokk himself, who ruled the arakkoa as a powerful king for centuries before disappearing suddenly. Since then, the arakkoa of Skettis have worked tirelessly to return Terokk through any means necessary.

The arakkoa suffered greatly at the hands of the orcs during the rise of the Horde. This marked the beginning of a time of great turmoil for the arakkoa, which was only amplified upon the return of the Burning Legion to the Outland and the splintering off of the Skettis Exiles and the Sethekk, both of whom have become enemies of Skettis. Though Talon King Ikiss and his followers were defeated in the Sethekk Halls, the Skettis Exiles and their allies, the Sha'tar have remained a nuisance to Skettis.

With arakkoa hero Terokk slain, leadership of Skettis has fallen to Talonpriest Skrazzek, who has largely held fast to the old leadership's practices with the steadfast belief that Terokk can once again be returned to the world. However, the chaos that has descended on Draenor has forced his focus to shift to forging a path of survival for his people. Though the territory of the once mighty arakkoa has been reduced to just Blackwind Valley, Skrazzek has realized that survival for the arakkoa may depend on their ability to expand.

Overall Population: 54,000
Overall Military: 5,000

[Melee Infantry] Warrior: (1,500)
Born as members of the arakkoa warrior caste, these fighters have been trained for hand-to-hand combat since their hatching. Hollow bones make arakkoa warriors light and agile, and their combat style is appropriately based on speed rather than brute strength, traditionally duel-wielding small swords.

[Melee Infantry] Ravenguard: (500)
Elite arakkoan warriors usually tasked with guarding talonpriests and other important people
and places of arakkoan society. Typically armed with polearms or spears.

[Caster] Talonpriest: (500)
Far better casters than warriors, arakkoa talonpriests have advanced command of shadow magics. Following in the footsteps of Terrok, the talonpriests represent the highest caste of arakkoan society.

[Caster] Shadowmage: (500)
Exceptional wielders of the arcane, the shadowmagi, along with the talonpriests, are Skettis's oldest and most prestigious caste.

[Caster] Oracle: (500)
Arakkoan elemental shamans, an art adopted from the orcs but honed by talented arakkoan casters.

[Archer] Kaliri Warrior: (1,500)
Having raised kaliri as companions for as long as anyone can remember, arakkoan archers have become closely associated with the birds, and are rarely seen without their partners as they traverse the wilds of Terokkar forest, serving as scouts and occasional guerrilla fighters.

Land List:
1. Blackwind Valley: Currently, the arakkoa only control their traditional homeland in southeastern Terokkar Forest, though they have their eyes set on expansion, both north towards Bonechewer Ruins and east into Shadowmoon Valley, near Illidari Point.
Haha. >.< I tried to be conservative when making my nation but still awesome, and -now- all the moster 20,000>60,000 nations are coming out of the blue! :P

Well, we better up our game! MORE BONES FOR THE RAISING. Moar Cults. Moar Skeletons. (As in, when I get into the game. :P )
((Also. I have made a map. It's terrible of course! But it'll provide good reference. I'll keep it updated if you'd like. I also wont be offended if anyone wants to bother making a map with something better than paint (or using paint better than I).

Einherjar, I cannot put your nation in until you respond to Robert, as you've stated land which is his (as you can see by the red on the map.

I've also put the latest two sign-ups on the map regardless of whether they're accepted yet or not. I'll adjust if necessary, depending on any changes they're forced to make.

Zorbak, please clarify if my ocean is wrong, I will fix it. Let me know ANY adjustments, I don't mind.

http://i.imgur.com/6ZDpVHm.jpg ))

Edit: Looks like we need some Alliance Nation/s!
Love how for everyone else that map is, 'Diagonal lines, Diagonal lines, Diagonal lines' then you get to Halaa and it's crazy-swirls!
Oh, Ein, I just noticed your territory would include where I'm situated, no? (The grounds and fortress, that is)

Not exactly. I mentioned that one of the towns in Helmand Province is directly east of the Ango'rosh Grounds, which would put it right on the border of your nation. The other one is directly north of where Zabra'Jin was.

Of course, it's not too hard to think of a situation in which your nation and mine arrived and set up shop at about the same time, which would no doubt lead to a series of conflicts that are about to spark into full-fledged war. If that's all right with you, of course.
These always interest me can't wait til it starts so I can read the awesomeness:D

Hope everyone will have fun, but that is prolly a no brainer:3
Wait... are you saying...


*coughs* sorry. Anyway, here's my sign-up I'm happy to change something if you no like.

Player: Srdotsalot

Name of Nation: The Bloodstrike Republic

Government Type: Democracy

Leaders/Important people:
Lord Regent Kalinar Bloodstrike (Blood elf)
Commander Karin Sunblind (Blood elf)
High Spellweaver Mordis (Blood elf)
Advisor Goldray (Blood elf)
Chief Ambassador Lionus (Blood elf)

Capitol: Tempest Keep, Netherstorm

Race(s): Blood elf

History/Description: ((WIP, will get it up later))

Overall Population: 8000

Overall Military: 1800

Unit types

[Basic infantry] Blood soldier (10 to a squad)
Dedicated to the Bloodstrike Republic, these men and women are the front line of the Republic’s armies. Exceptionally skilled blood soldiers are given the opportunity to join Commander Karin Sunblind’s personal squad, made up of the toughest melee fighters of them all. Blood soldiers are given the opportunity to wield whatever melee weapon they want, though most prefer a sword and shield for the mobility. They are clad in blood red mail with plate here and there, and most will never back down from a fight. There are usually about 10 blood soldiers to a squad.

[Elite infantry] Blood guard (1 or 2 to a squad)
Spread out among the ranks of the basic infantry, these men and women are the toughest of the tough, those who refused to join Commander Karin’s squad. After they refuse, most are given their own squad of 10 blood soldiers, 5 Spellweavers, and 10 rangers each, with them as the squad leader, though they may occasionally share the power with another blood guard. They are clad in full black and red plate armor, much like their inspiration, the Blood Knights, and wield massive blood red claymores or hammers. To this day, a blood guard has yet to fall in battle, which is why there are so few of them. They need no more. Many blood guards choose to ride into battle on a mount if they can, making them excellent and irreplaceable fighters on foot and mounted.

[Caster] Spellweaver (5 to a squad)
Trained under the tutelage of High Spellweaver Mordis, the Spellweavers are trained heavily in the use of arcane magic. They are able to use raw arcane, but can also summon fire and frost just as easily. They are primarily an offensive unit, though a select few are trained in the holy arts to heal wounded soldiers. There are usually about 5 Spellweavers to a squad.

[Archer] Ranger (10 to a squad)
Most of these guys were, in fact, rangers of Quel’thalas before they joined the Republic. As such, they are trained in scouting and ranged combat, with basic melee training thrown in should one of them actually miss ever. They wear armor crafted after the Silvermoon Ranger’s fashion, but they wear blood red, rather than green. There are usually about 10 rangers to a squad.

[Specialists] Engineer (50)
Engineers are in charge of creating all of the Republic’s warfare technology. They work day in and day out to create newer and better tech for all forms of soldier, from specially infused claymores for the blood guards to staves that help channel a Spellweaver’s power. They are also responsible for the Republic’s artillery. Through hard work, persistence, and a whole lot of magic, they are actually able to mass-produce mana bombs, and keep them in storage for if they’re ever forced to use them. They have also made significant improvements to the Horde’s demolisher siege engines, wiring them to run on an arcane power core, last longer against a constant assault and actually shoot fire.

[Siege] Improved demolisher (30)
These things are death on wheels. Improved from old Horde demolisher siege engines, they run on an arcane power core, which will take decades to run out of energy (courtesy of a few Spellweavers and a whole lot of engineers), are larger, made of stronger materials, and actually have the ability to shoot fire out of cannons on their sides. The Republic hopes it will never have to use them, because the Naaru help whatever gets in the way.

((I realize that these things could be considered overpowered, and will happily change it to be more reasonable.))

Land List
-Tempest Keep (Capitol)
-That little thing next to Manaforge Duro

EDIT: BTW, Neltriz, the Republic won't be content with its territory forever, and will eventually spread out to the Ecodome Midrealm and Stormspire so they can, you know, eat something a bit better-tasting than conjured food and beans, so be prepared to negotiate and possibly fight! :D
These always interest me can't wait til it starts so I can read the awesomeness:D

Hope everyone will have fun, but that is prolly a no brainer:3

I am -burning- to play this, I can't wait.

EDIT: BTW, Neltriz, the Republic won't be content with its territory forever, and will eventually spread out to the Ecodome Midrealm and Stormspire so they can, you know, eat something a bit better-tasting than conjured food and beans, so be prepared to negotiate and possibly fight! :D

Conflict is the essence!

Also, you an already see some of the strategies and conflicts....

Ashok uncontested will become nearly unstoppable with all of Hellfire under his heel (including mind you, the Hellfire Citadel). The Arakkoa and I are going to clash early, unless Arakkoa pushes into Shadowmoon Valley to stop Lia growing overpowered. I'm also gonna clash with Haven, but if we both spread out we'll clash with Neltriz at Twilight Ridge. This is good because there's a portal there. New Horde and Ein are gonna starth thrashing about straight away, and Ein will probably have Elves beat on the back door unless they focus on taking out the Wyrmcult (who will probably have the Ruuan Weald before them.

And ahh, so many other things I can see, but I can also see -not- happening and I'm sure a thousand possibilities that I haven't even thought of yet. And ahhh, I'm excited. I love this, reminds me of the fun of War in Azeroth, Dark Ages of Warcraft and Azeroth Wars from the ol' Warcraft 3.

Updated Map: I will of course edit with ANY request. I bow to the mighty Zorbak.

(( Note, Srdots. I have restricted your land a little. (I will fix it RIGHT AWAY if Zorbak was going to grant you all of that. But having that much land with a pop of only 8000 when you consider that Tempest Keep is a huge asset and probably big... I think is a bit much.
Yeah okay. I'll take a bit off. I look back on it now and see that you're right, gimme a minute.
Oh wait. Yeah I see now. Hmm, well, think of it this way: You have three important tactical locations right on your doorstep, you can start taking them as soon as we start.

I'd give you more, I know it might seen unfair, but Tempest Keep imo, is big and important.

Edit: I'm sorry Zorbak, I'm like the treacherous leper that takes over your kingdom while you're gone. I'm just making suggestions to Srdots, feel free to make decisions and stuff or whatever you want oh mighty one.
I cleaned up my sign-up a bit, actually giving details of some of my units. I was going to add some stuff about my leaders' personalities too, but alas! 5000 character limit. :(

I can't wait to get started though! ^_^
The elves are seriously not going to like Ein camping out so close to them, they would rather focus on Ruuan Wield but I doubt they would want him to control both passages into BEM.

Decisions, decisions....

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