[H] The Bogarteers LFM Weekend Raiding!

Wyrmrest Accord
The Bogarteers are recruiting more weekend raiders! We are a small guild run by a group IRL friends. We have raided together since BC. Our progression is 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF and 2/12 ToT.

Raid times:
Saturday: 6-11 ST
Sunday: 4-7 ST

We have immediate openings for the following:

Druid - Moonkin/Feral
Monk - Windwalker
Rogue - All
Hunter - All
Shaman - Elemental/Enhance

If you're one of the specs not listed and you're interested, feel free to inquire as well. We will always take exceptional players of any class and spec! Contact me if you're interested and the raid times work for you!
Up, up and away!
Up, up and away!
Bump! Immediate raid spots available!
DPS frost ilvl 513. cleared up to Horridon
pst ingame or is there a guild app?

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