Ret PvP dead? Be honest!

sure, in random bgs ret (and every spec tbh) can be fun

anywhere else ret sucks, you have no gap closer and will be CC'd into oblivion when you pop wings/guardian

bubble? /lol dispelled by the million warriors, disc/spriests running around, after that you have no abilities to prevent the other team from tunneling you, and believe me, they will

still, play whats fun for you...

If you're talking about Arenas for CC, then it depends on your partner. The way I'm thinking, Wings is a good way to bait trinkets and other cooldowns... so in that case, if you use it separately from HA then maybe you still have some burst after getting locked down?

Someone earlier (Ponee?) accurate said that HA and AW separately are individually big burst periods, and together they're one insane burst period. That plus your partners' DPS means you can probably kill something without using both at once.
Random BGs are fun you can put out some good damage.

Serious PvP, no reason to take a Ret over any other similar class (plate dps). Warriors and DKs outshine us in all areas, period. Maybe if you find some comp where you are an off healer, but I haven't found it yet. Guess I will be fotm and play my rogue this season....

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